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Assassin's director Creed Odyssey apologizes for DLC's forced marriage


Assassin's Creed OdysseyThe creative director apologized for a choice of story in the latest expansion of the game, forcing the main character into a heterosexual marriage, canceling promises of same-sex love options in the main game, and reversing personal stories that some players built .

[[[[Warning: The rest of this post contains spoilers for "Shadow Heritage," the second chapter of "Shadow Heritage" Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Heritage of the First Blade add-on.]

Jonathan Dumont, in a post on the game forums, said that despite the benign intentions of developers for Chapter Two Legacy of the first blade "Dumont said the arc tale, in which either Kassandra or Alexios ended in a marriage and a child, was meant to tie these characters to the line of assassins set elsewhere in the series.

This means that even if a player refuses romantic calls, they still end up marrying their son (if they play as Kassandra) or Darius' daughter (like Alexios) introduced in Odyssey as the first assassin who is the first to use a hidden blade.

"Alexios / Kassandra realizing their own mortality and the sacrifice of Leonidas and Myrrine [their grandfather and mother] made in front of them to preserve their inherited life, they felt the desire and duty to keep their important line, "Dumont said." Our goal was to let the players choose between a useful perspective to make sure that the blood line lived or formed a romantic relationship. "

The gravity of this choice-that is, biological perpetuation of blood despite sexual orientation-was not obvious, Dumont admitted. "The clarity and motivation of this decision have been badly executed," he said. "While continuing the adventure in [the next episode, ‘Bloodline,’] please know that you will not have to engage in a romantic lasting relationship if you do not want to. "

After revealing the game at E3 2018, Ubisoft developers in Quebec presented the choice of a male or female player along with same-sex or different sex choices, both for the 11-year series.

On the sub-credits of the game, fans have distorted the major change towards the story, whether they have chosen same-sex relationships. "This is just very lazy and stupid at the side of Ubisoft," one said. "Let's stick to linear stories or give us total freedom. This strange stupidity makes only the optional dialogue and" choices "feel like a complete loss of our time."

"Being forced to" live here to get to the sexual path [en]and to have a child? "I literally refused," wrote another player who said they were bisexual.

"This really kills my desire to play the rest of the DLC. I really have no desire to have a love plot in my throat in a game that has given me at least the option so far," said a third . "What a bad decision."

"I've read your answers online and got them to heart," Dumont told the Ubisoft forum. "This was a learning experience for us. Understanding how stunned you feel about Kassandra and Alexios is humiliating and knowing that we are disappointed is not something we take lightly.

The continuation of the alienation of players was the name of a trophy / achievement given after the scene in which the character has the baby. It's called "Upward Growth," to which some have offended, believing that it is considered homosexual or childless as a young phase to get out of.

The polygon reached a Ubisoft representative for comments but did not hear back from the date of publication. Kotaku received a statement from Ubisoft on Wednesday saying the trophy / achievement would be renamed in a future patch. However, the story and choices of the DLC itself will not be altered.

In reviewing the "Shadow Patrimony," Colin Campbell, singing as Kassandra, interpreted what he called the change of the brutal story.

"Natakas [Darius’ son] is a pretty pretty guy, but I do not appreciate the way he eats over me, "he wrote," There is something desperate, even vague, of douche, about his behavior. "Despite his efforts to reject him, Kassandra has come to "bring food and beat his child.

"It's a transvestity," he concluded.

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