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At $ 150, Vancouver hosts the most expensive Canadian night: report


For the most part, residents of Vancouver are accustomed to paying a little more – either for their rent or for renting their car.

So it will not be a surprise for many that the city has another dubious title when it comes to expensive life: it is also home to the most expensive "average" date.

That's according to the Elite Singles dating site, which knocked out the numbers earlier this month and ranked Canada's great cities for the romantically tilted.

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The site ranked cities, writing its own idea of ​​a typical night.

The night includes a half-dinner dinner for two, a common bottle of wine, two movie tickets and one [eight-kilometre] taxi ride home. "

By these standards, the average night of the whole country would cost a Canadian couple of $ 125.

In Vancouver, the cost of a night comes up to $ 150.

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Not far from Vancouver is Toronto, Canada's largest city, with an average night costing about 142 dollars, according to the site.

At the other end of the spectrum, Winnipeg won as Canada's cheap data bank, where the cost of one night for two came to $ 116.

However, while $ 150 may seem like a heavy duty on your pocket for one night, Vancouver has fallen still under other cities.

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The most expensive date of the Elite Singles method in the world was in Oslo, Norway – which came at a price of $ 221.

A love chance will cost you 209 dollars in London and 187 dollars in New York – the most expensive city in the United States, where so far.

And if you're looking for the cheapest city in the world for an unforgettable night, a couple can take that same bottle of wine, dinner, film and a taxi trip to Istanbul for just $ 40.

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