Wednesday , August 17 2022

Best Black Friday deals, including £ 50 off an iPhone XR


IThe Samsung Galaxy S9 is a great model with a range of comparable features including Infinity Display, Dual Aperture and Intelligent Scan.

Carphone Warehouse is currently offering an O2 contract online for £ 32 per month, including a massive 16GB of 4G data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

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iPhone 7

It was £ 499, now £ 399 from GiffGaff

You can pick up the iPhone 7 from GiffGaff for just £ 399, making this smartphone a relatively well-priced alternative to Apple's new iPhone models or iPhone 8. It comes with the latest operating system, iOS 12, with new power saving features and screen time monitors to keep you from binge-viewing social media.

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Huawei P20

It was £ 599, now £ 399 from John Lewis

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