Tuesday , January 31 2023

Billy Crudup & Carey Mulligan: Jake Gyllenhaal's Advice on Making a Personal Monologue: "Do not Do It" | Broadway Buzz


Jake Gyllenhaal
(Photo: Emilio Madrid-Kuser for Broadway.com)

The New York Stadium, Jake Gyllenhaal, is preparing for a return on stage The Sea / Life, a pair of monologues to be played with Tom Sturridge at the off-Broadway Public Theater. Gyllenhaal made a visit to The late exhibition with Stephen Colbert on January 16th, to talk about the first performance of a solo track on stage and about his enthusiasm for this project. "It's a unique monologue with two men," Gyllenhaal explained, telling Colbert he actually talked to Billy Crudup – who had a great success in solo Harry Clarke, and Carey Mulligan, who won raves for Boys and girls– addressing this unique form of theater. Their unwavering advice: "Do not do it, can you get out of it?" Gyllenhaal remembers laughing. Jokey advising aside, Gyllenhaal wants a theatrical return, such as Crudup and Mulligan, full of great applause and enthusiasm crowds. Follow Gyllenhaal below and plan to soon experience The Sea / Life to the public.

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