Tuesday , April 20 2021

Canada Post to increase the price of stamps by 5 cents

Sending mail will become less expensive for Canadians this year.

Canada Post announced on Friday that the price of postage stamps will increase for the first time since 2014, Monday, January 14th.

Stamps will cost more than 5 cents, whether they are purchased in a brochure, coil or glass ($ 0.90 up from $ 0.85), or purchased as a single domestic stamp (1.05 dollars upwards to $ 1). The agency said in a press release on Friday that people can avoid growing by purchasing Permanent Stamps at the current rate, but new prices are likely not costing much Canadians.

"While the usage varies, Canada Post estimates that the impact of price increases will be less than one dollar a year for the Canadian average household and about $ 14 a year for typical small businesses," the press release said.

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