Monday , April 19 2021

Carmen Sandiego turns the hero into the first trailer for the Netflix show

Carmen has returned, and until … well, something good. A kind of.
GIF: Carmen Sandiego (Netflix)

Over the years of games and shows, Carmen Sandiego had several origins – the former detective left dishonest, criminal killer, chaos agent, you call him. But her new Netflix show gives her another … one that turns her into a little more than a Robin-Hood-esque figure.

Netflix has just given up his first trailer for his animated reboot (through Mashable), with Gina Rodriguez as Thief Gentleman (Rodriguez will also play Carmen in a live streaming movie). But besides the question we all want to ask – where Carmen Sandiego is naturally in the world – and asks another. Which in the world is it?

This time, the answer to this is a little different. We come to see Carmen's young days as a thief master as an agent of V.I.L.E. but now, instead of staying with the villainous group, while stealing the path of trouble, Carmen will be a hero who abandons VICs. and uses his thief skills to protect the treasures of the world by her shady hands, alongside the Player (expressed by Bright things"Finn Wolfhard." Although I took Carmen, who teased a noble heart for her thief in the past, turning her into a boreful bastard, it is a beautiful turn.

Carmen Sandiego is set to hit Netflix January 18.

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