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Clement's former mistress claimed to have offered $ 1,000 for "explicit" photos by the group, claiming "liberal" support,


The conversation between the young woman politically active and the supposed group was on Instagram in the first week of July in the form of direct messages

The images of an online conversation between former conservative deputy Tony Clement and a young man with whom he had an affair show that he was offered a bribe in exchange for his dirty "to a group of women injured" and who claimed to have " organizational support with the liberals ".

"And it can provide compensation for every photo you send $ 1000, especially if they are more explicit," the contact said.

There is no evidence that the online campaign, if it has gone beyond these exchanges, is related to the liberal party. Spokeswoman Parker Lund officially declared on Wednesday the alleged liberal support, "That's a fake."

The conversation between the mid-20s and the politically active youngster and the alleged group was on Instagram in the first week of July in the form of direct messages; the account was so-called "dummy" or fake.

The young woman, one of the two women who spoke anonymously last week about the Toronto Star, is a recent law school graduate.

It can provide compensation for each photo you send each $ 1000 each. Especially if they are more explicit

Clement himself was the subject of a later shakedown – by those whom he identified as "foreign actors" seeking 50,000 euros for "disclosing intimate and personal information," according to his letter last week to Parry Sound-Muskoka, Ont. constituents.

He immediately reported the second incident to the RCMP and surrendered his mobile phone for forensic examination.

This revelation had veteran Tory, aged 57, abandoning a new national security committee and his position in the shadow cabinet of the party.

Tony Clement arrived at the National Conservation Conservation in Halifax on Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

Andrew Vaughan / Canadian Press

But when more information came in – the day after Star asked Clement about what the two anonymous women said – he sent the letter to his voters, admitting several "inappropriate" online shifts that "passed lines that should not have been crossed "and which led to" acts of infidelity ".

He was then asked to resign from conservative council to leader Andrew Scheer. Now it's independent.

But in the last month, he was his former master, who was supposed to be the target.

According to the screenshots, National Post acquired when she offered the bribe, she replied: "I do not want to directly work in a place."

If you have trouble with him, let us know

A source close to Clement confirms that the woman asked Clement to help her find an articulated position with a law firm after the two ended their sexual relationship.

The woman responded to the Post emails confirming that she was the person quoted in the Star story, but said: "I do not think I have anything to say …" She did not respond to several notes sent to the same address that asked questions, especially about its reaction to the proposed money.

In the first direct message, the contact person said: "There was a group of women who were harassed by him. He deceived his wife, if he ran into trouble with him to let us know."

Clement, the source said, began to hear last summer from Instagram's female friends that they were contacted by the group seeking to compromise her pictures. Someone sent a website that only worked for a few hours – he showed only two photos, one of them kissing the young attorney, another in his chest.

Conservative MP Tony Clement asks a question during the Question Hour in the House of Commons on the Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Thursday, April 13, 2017.

Sean Kilpatrick / Canadian Press

At that time, the source said, Clement immediately contacted the lawyer.

She admitted, the source said, that she "shared" photos with colleagues, one of whom said she decided to create a disaster for Clement.

She also said she was contacted by the women's group and sent Clement screenshots from those contacts.

He told him he had called the Provincial Police of Ontario immediately. OPP confirmed that he did. The lawyer also told the post, which she also called policemen, an officer he said was called Matt, but did not answer the questions about what force he called.

In any case, the site was removed so quickly, and contact with the seemingly fake women group, the investigation was endless.

Clement told the conservative conservative Mark Strahl last summer about a fake web site about which he said he reported fraudulent things about him.

But Clement did not tell Strahl about his online behavior and vulnerability, so Strahl thought it was just another situation of a trolling who harassed a deputy. He told Clement how to report and did not take it to the party.

The source said that Clement's interactions with women online and real-life have usually begun on Instagram with each other, then "liking" the pictures posted to each other and switching to direct messages that are private. Some have eventually moved to WhatsApp, which has better security and encryption.

All relationships, the source said, were consensual, if they were inadequate and risky for him, and none of the women who came so far suggested otherwise.

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