Saturday , May 28 2022

Fallout 76 players simultaneously released so many cores that they crashed a server


After launching last week the first nuclear game at the end of the world, a group of Fallout 76 players wanted to run an experiment. What would happen if they launched multiple cores simultaneously? It seems that the detonation of too many bombs will overload the game.

nukes, his fallout to take raids, I'm a mechanic that lets players turn a location so that it causes higher level enemies with better predation. Nuking a locality should not be easy: you need to collect more randomly generated codes, and then you need to figure out a cipher to implement these codes. Some players, however, have automated the encryption process, in addition to collecting many codes through a lot of playback time. So now Fallout 76 players must make decisions about the possibility of downloading their cargo on the map.

It is a decision that affects many players and does not come easy. Already, many say the clubs are in Morgantown, one of the first sites players visit after starting the game. Needless to say, unprepared players can not handle tough monsters Fallout 76 generates in a nuclear landing area. Fortunately, the game warns residents before a nuke disappears into any given location.

YouTuber Nickaroo93 and his crew released three shots at the same time during the weekend, and after a few seconds they were hit by the server. The game stops responding:

The server accident was not a surprise to the crew. In the clip, they hypothesize it might happen. Even so, the band wanted to see it from the first hand, Nickaroo said The Verge.

"There are three sites in the game that you can launch, so we initially wanted to see if it was possible to launch jades from each site, "said Nickaroo93." When we found out that it was possible, we decided to launch immediately in the same area. "

Since the announcement, there has been a lot of kernel anxieties and if players can take advantage of their immense power to overwhelm others on a server. And although it is true that the Nickaroo93 group now has enough influence to influence everyone's game on their server, I do not think the driver is unbalanced.

"I personally do not see it as something of abuse," said Nickaroo93. "If a player is in a server when he releases the kernel and does not want to deal with it, he can leave his world and join another. Whenever I saw someone launch another nuke while I was playing, I was delighted with the prospect of exploring something new! "

However, he believes that Bethesda can improve the nuking mechanic. In the current state, players can simply collect a nuclear nuclear card and then generate an online code through a website, which can be done apparently within about an hour after you reach a high enough level, say Nickaroo93. Bethesda seems to be open for finishing the nutcracker: This morning, a patch came out that solved a problem with the way the game subtracts the nuclear codes. For now, however, Nickaroo93's team will continue their experiments with nuke.

"The next thing we want to try is to launch the kernels in three different regions of the map to see if the servers can handle the load," said Nickaroo93. "The idea of ​​exploring three different irradiated areas sounds amazing and we hope it is possible."

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