Friday , January 27 2023

Finn Balor is over now


Just over a year ago, Finn Balor seemed to be in line for a match at the Universal Rumble Championship. At least this was the word around campfire. Plans have changed, as is often the case in the WWE, and the slot did not go to Balor. Reason for reports on the Internet?

Finn Balor is not over.

Right, he did not have much reason to be him. Balor's mandate to Raw was a bit of a rollercoaster. He started on the highest level, becoming the first world champion by Seth Rollins defeat at SummerSlam 2016. This led immediately to the lowest and Balor needed to release the championship due to a shoulder accident suffered in time of the match. It was a good start for a championship that was plagued by champions, whether they were hurt or never around.

On his return, he briefly entered the title picture before being relegated to a feudal series with Elias & Bray Wyatt. I saw a meeting with Balor and his old friends Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, but that was quickly forgotten so that Gallows & Anderson could move to SmackDown and did nothing while Balor did something worse than nothing … any doubt with Baron Corbin. I made a joke over a dispute over the Intercontinental Championship with Balor, Seth Rollins and The Miz that people really liked. Unfortunately for Balor, the spell made more of Rollins & Miz. They were not supposed to go to a fight with Baron Corbin.

Drew McIntyre was a step in the right direction. Balor did not have too many offenses in his matches with Drew, but we have to see him as good as a baby never to say. Sometimes, as fans, we forget that it is important for our heroes to seem vulnerable. I can not win all the time and overcome all chances, or we're bored. Balor is very good at this aspect of the game. He may not win all the time but manages to keep the fans interested.

Finn Balor is over. He may not have had the best in 2018 from an in-ring perspective, but his trials and troubles kept those interested enough to prove a WWE management point of view. If anyone in the office needed a reminder, they got one when Balor made a surprise at the NXT UK's Takeover event in Blackpool.

I do not know much about Irish / English relations to know if it qualifies as a "pop pop", but even if it did, it surpassed any of what I have seen for a long time. I have the feeling that some WWE people liked it a lot.

Many people were skeptical about this tweet, but I would not be surprised if Vince McMahon appreciated the NXT UK product. The president can not push boys on a battlefield basis, but he likes a good match as much as the others. Vince also had to get everything from this reaction to Balor because he justified the plan to make a change in the Royal Rumble Universal Championship match.

No, I'm not saying that Vince was watching the NXT UK takeover show and that's why he decided Finn Balor to replace Braun Strowman at Royal Rumble. I will say that if Vince was on this fence, and on the point of making one of the famous re-writings on Monday, the show pushed the balloons in favor of Balor.

Did he push the balloons far over Balor to defeat Brock Lesnar? Not. The event did not take place at the Wembley stadium, with 80,000 fans doing this pop. Brock Lesnar will be the world champion who will join WrestleMania. I do not know where Finn Balor is on the card or what it will do.

All I know is that Finn Balor is over.

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