Friday , March 31 2023

Flu-like flu call for people who suffer from long-term health "more in jeopardy"


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Half of those eligible for vaccination missed last year

People with long-term health conditions have been warned to protect themselves from flu this year.

In 2017, about half of people eligible for free NHS influenza vaccination in Wales missed, and public health Wales warned of certain health conditions to put people at higher risk.

These include diabetes, heart, liver and kidney disease.

Influenza spreads through drops, which are sprayed into the air when an infected person coughs or snatches.

Direct contact with contaminated hands or surfaces can also spread the infection.

Chief of Nursing Officer for Wales, Jean White, said: "There is protection available and the annual flu vaccine is the best way to prevent you from catching the flu, which can make your condition worse or lead to other dangerous complications.

"Please do not take any risks – make sure you have the vaccine this year."

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