Sunday , October 17 2021

Former SEAL Dan Crenshaw asks SNL to donate $ 1 million to veterans after joke Pete Davidson

Dan Crenshaw, a candidate at the Republican Congress in Texas, asked "Saturday Night Live" to donate $ 1 million to veterans after being mocked to wear a patch of eyes on a sketch over the weekend.

In the "Update Weekend" segment, a member of SNL, Pete Davidson, suggested that Crenshaw was "a man who hit a porn movie."

"I'm sorry, I know he lost his eyes in the war – or whatever," added Davidson.

Crenshaw, the Navy's former SEAL, lost sight of a bomb exploding during an Afghan tour in 2012.

Speaking to CNN on Monday, Crenshaw said Saturday Night Live producers should consider donating money to veterans who "feel laugh".

"I think what he and probably the SNL producers should do is put together the money, throw a figure there – a million dollars – and we will donate this to a series of nonprofit veterans who help them on veterans, "he said. "There are a lot of extraordinary organizations there. There are many veterans who need help and, frankly, this kind of work is offensive to them."

The "SNL" sketch was widely condemned by Republicans and Democrats, including Crenshaw's opponent.

Davidson did not comment.

SNL's long-time distributor Kenan Thompson said Davidson crossed the line and "certainly lost his mark."

"It certainly seems," Thompson said in a show on "Today". "My father is a veteran, Vietnam, and I personally would never go there, but it's hard to catch jokes – that's the way there are no real filters out there in the world when trying to go for a big joke or anything else , and we try to respect it, but at the same time, when you lose the sign, you offend people, so you have to be less conscious in my opinion. "

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