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Fortune Weeks 4 Challenges – Look for letter locations, fireworks, and expedition outpost maps – Season 7 – Fortinet Wiki Guide

Fortnight Week 4 The Challenges of Season 7 Battle Pass are finally here. Delete at least four of the seven challenges to earn 5,000 RON. This set was released on December 27, 2018.

See a list of all the Weekly Challenges here. Looking for a specific challenge for season 7 week 4? Use these links to move to each top section:

Free Challenges[[[[Edit | ×]

Launch fireworks[[[[Edit | ×]

Fireworks have appeared in locations over the map, and it's up to you to find and set them Three of them. Capture? Once a player triggers fireworks, no other player can launch it because it's already gone.

You just have to launch three of the best 14 fireworks. Use our map to find each one or use our list:

  • Blade close to metal, north of the Junk Junction.
  • Along the Haunted hills.
  • On the east bank of Snobby Shores.
  • South of Snobby Shores.
  • West of Happy Hamlet.
  • South of the old Flush factory.
  • On the hill south of Lucky Landing.
  • If the river encounters the ocean in the biome desert.
  • Est de Paradis Palms.
  • East of racing track in desert biome.
  • The eastern part of the Lonely Lodge.
  • Near the fortification already built northeast by Wailing Woods.
  • Northwest block.
  • On the little hill, east of the motel.


Remove opponents from all outposts[[[[Edit | ×]

Take out Three enemies at any of the seven outposts of the expedition. These red tents like buildings first appeared on the map at the beginning of season 7. Each of them has several planes along with multiple zip lines so there is plenty of mobility to get in and out.

Use our map to find each location.

Use an X-4 Stormwing plan in different matches[[[[Edit | ×]

At the beginning of the 7th season it seems that the planes can be found anywhere. Fortunately, they are not too hard to find. Use our map to find the general locations of the spawn with some X-4 Stormwing planes.

Battle Pass Challenge[[[[Edit | ×]

Step 1: Look for the letter "O" to the west of the Pleasant Park[[[[Edit | ×]

A five-step challenge in which you searched for and collected the four letters of the NOMS sign. Once you collect each letter from that location, complete the challenge by visiting the restored NOMS sign above the Retail Row grocery store. Note that each stage must be completed in different matches. The five stages include.

  • Step 1: Look for the letter "O" to the west of the Pleasant Park
  • Step 2: Look for the letter "S" in Wailing Woods
  • Step 3: Look for the letter "M" in Dusty Divot
  • Step 4: Look for the letter "N" under a frozen lake
  • Final stage: Visit the NOMS sign in Row Retail

You can find "O" in the abandoned house west of the Pleasant Park. Search him next to the garbage dump along the exterior walls of the house.

"S" can be found inside the bunker at the center under Wailing Woods.

"M" is located in the southern building of Dusty Divot.

"N" can be found at the old store, still accessible from the substrate and frozen Groase Grove. This place is no longer called, but the frozen lake can be found north of the Polar peak.

Once you have collected all four letters, go to Retail Row, where the NOMS sign has been restored above the grocery store entry.


Stage 1: Destroy the seats[[[[Edit | ×]

A second, multi-stage challenge that destroys certain objects. Wooden hair can be found in homes, restaurants and general residential areas. Wood utility poles are those that look like power lines. Wooden pallets are wooden stacks that give you a lot of material. List of steps:

  • Step 1: Destruction of seats (80)
  • Stage 2: Destroy wooden poles (25)
  • Final stage: Destroy the wooden pallets

Wood utility pillars can be difficult to see, so here's a picture of one!

Destroy the damage with a Pickaxe opponent[[[[Edit | ×]

Business 100 damages with pickaxe. This may seem difficult at first, but you can easily get these points when playing in duels or teams. Once you take an enemy with surviving team members, push your pickaxe and remove the overturned enemy for all 100 remaining health states. Do not waste your time fighting another player to death at the start of the game, just beating him first!

Eliminations at Happy Hamlet or the Pleasant Park[[[[Edit | ×]

Take down three different enemies in either Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park. Both are hot spots with a lot of trunks and prey. If Happy Hamlet is a little too new, stay with the Pleasant Park where you know exactly where you are prey and cuff, and you know where you can get the enemy.

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