Tuesday , January 31 2023

HSN affected the virus by zero days


The construction of the HSN positron emission (PET) scanning raster construction is being carried out in June 2018. The suite is built on the back of the hospital faced by the street in Paris.

John Lappa's photo / Sudbury Star

From Wednesday, at 8:00, all 24 hospitals in northeastern Ontario were affected by IT challenges caused by a zero-day virus (a virus without patches or previous solutions).

As a precautionary measure, all systems were put into operation, successfully avoiding the virus dissemination. As a result, 21 of the 24 hospitals saw the primary electronic medical record system, Meditech, put into operation. The electronic medical record system for cancer programs in 12 hospitals, Mosaiq, is downtime. Ten hospitals have their medical imaging system during periods of downtime. Four hospitals have email addresses and affected back office servers.

At Health Sciences North, approximately 75% of systems are affected by downtime. HSN is working to start restoring critical systems by tomorrow and plans to reschedule canceled chemotherapy and radiation treatments this weekend.

We have no evidence to suggest that the private life of patient information has been violated.

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