Sunday , October 17 2021

Huawei demolishes responsible employees and pays their wages after the latest "Twitter for iPhone"

Earlier this week, Huawei called in 2019, wants everyone to make a Happy New Year, using Twitter for the iPhone. Reuters now reports that Huawei takes things to a new level by lowering employees responsible for the blunder and wage cuts.

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While Huawei quickly deleted the tweet concerned, screen shots became viral – as is often the case when Android manufacturers are caught tweeting on the iPhone. In a memo by ReutersHuawei Vice President Chen Lifang killed the responsible tweet employees, saying the incident "caused Huawei brand damage".

As to what happened to what led to Huawei Twitter's "Happy New Year" Tweets for iPhone, the memo explains that an external social media manager encountered problems with their desktop computer, so have called a nearby iPhone to send the tweet:

Mistakes occurred when Sapient made "VPN problems" on a desktop so he could use an iPhone with a roaming SIM card to send the message on time at midnight, Huawei said in the memo.

Moreover, even if the tweet was sent by an outsourced social media handshake, Huawei is partly harming internal management. In the memo, the company says this mistake has shown "procedural non-compliance and management oversight."

In the light of Huawei, Huawei downgraded two employees with a rank and reduced his monthly salary by more than $ 700 (5,000 yuan). In addition, Huawei says his digital marketing director will also have a frozen salary rank for twelve months.

Although Huawei certainly is not the first Android manufacturer to be caught using Twitter for iPhone – Samsung is a common victim – this is certainly the first time a company's internal response to such an error has been made public.

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