Wednesday , August 17 2022

James Corden and Eddie Redmayne Wizard Test Video


We would like to believe that James Corden would have learned to give up the adoption of wild routines after his 4th morning training with Mark Wahlberg. It's not necessary. Instead, the host The late late exhibition with James Corden he tried his luck to persuade the Ministry of Magic that he was a magician – "Magnificent Lord, Master of the Mystery" – to be precise.

As a magician of the day, Eddie Redmayne's response to Magnificent's wand, book tricks and "sparkle sequins" was less than impressed. Actually, Fantastic beasts: the murders of Grindelwald actor seemed so disturbed, even threw a mixture of transfiguration. Follow the complete routine above and find your desire to be the dove. More luck next time, James.

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