Saturday , June 10 2023

Justin Bieber pays Hailey Baldwin in front of her birthday cake


Justin Bieber should be grateful to Hailey Baldwin's sense of humor on this Thanksgiving Day.

The "Sorry" singer surprised her model wife with a gorgeous Thursday cake to celebrate the 22nd edition of this week.

Only the delicious cake was not for apparent food, as Justin had destroyed her in front of her.

It must be love.

The couple, who is said to have married in September, seemed to spend Thanksgiving with Justin's mother, Pattie Mallette.

Justin is a capricious chappy (Picture: Pattie Mallette / Instagram)

A video posted on Pattie's Instinct's History shows Justin, a 24-year-old, who has a great cake with strawberries, cream and great ice cream while giving a speech, although he does not know what he said in while Pattie played the song "The Clip.

However, no words were needed to understand what happened next. Justin suddenly approached his wife, looking very suspicious, before showing the big cake in front of Hailey.

Luckily for him, the model took her as a champion and laughed as she wiped the cream off her face.

Good cake waste if you ask.

Lucky Hailey has a sense of humor (Picture: Pattie Mallette / Instagram)

The young man kissed literally and was done after Pattie later posted a photo of them, sharing a slightly disordered kiss because Justin holds a cloth to wipe his face.

Well, it's the least possible.

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It seems that the joke was planned well and really, because Justin later presented Hailey with her current cake, a smaller chocolate cake with glaze.

After singing his wife's happy birthday, Justin gave him a hug and told the family: "I just want to say it's the love of my life, it's absolutely stunning."

Too cute.

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