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Listen to Dave Grohl's body punk band as the old song "Now I'm Single" appears online


Dave Grohl, as you have not heard before …

Mission Impossible "Now I'm alone" by scottcrawford72

IMPOSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE Mission ImposibilaImision IMPOSIBLE "Now I'm Single" (1985) Chris Page – vocal Bryant Mason – guitar Dave Smith – bass Dave Grohl – drums Produced by Barrett Jones, 1985 at Laundry Room Studios Amabilita Imposibila Mission

Speaking of Grohl's punk band, the writer and director Salad Days, Scott Crawford, told Rolling Stone: "The Impossible Mission was a phenomenal, though short, lived band.

"I went to some of their practices in Virginia and just sat down and watched them as they were not. They were all good musicians and they watched Dave behind the drum kit that was always an emotion.

Groh groh groups from Mission Impossible included vocal Chris Page, guitarist Bryant Mason and bassist Dave Smith. Grohl later appeared in Nirvana before later forming Foo Fighters.

Grohl has recently collaborated with Beck and St. Vincent, when the three performed a cover of Blondie's "Rapture" at a gala event in Los Angeles.

Grohl and Beck played together at the 8th Annual Art and Film Festival of the Los Angeles County Art Museum with Foo Fighters slide while his musician sang his own songs, including "Haircut Devil, "" Loser. " The pair also offered a number of covers by artists such as Led Zeppelin, Heads of Talking and Van Halen.

The event was not the first time Grohl and Beck had played together lately. Earlier this month (November 1st), musicians collaborated at an event that encouraged participants to vote in the US midterm elections, while in September they joined forces to another fund-raising fund.

Meanwhile, Grohl revealed the only band he just wants to play for his drums. The former drummer Nirvana has worked with many great stars throughout his career, including Melvins. Tom Petty & Heartbreakers. Tenacious D. Queen of the Stone Age, and David Bowie. However, he said in a new interview, there was still one to check his list of buckets.

Earlier this year, Foo Fighters spoke about how he believed the rise of artists like Marilyn Manson put the popularity of grunge in decline.

Salad Days: A Decade of Punk will be released on December 10th.

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