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NASA InSight telephones home, the first photos taken off the Mars – National surface


NASA's InSight "called home" after landing on Mars successfully, illuminating photos from the surface of the planet.

The NASA probe sent two photos of his new home after he managed to make a successful trip at 15:00. ET on Monday.

"My first photo in #Mars," wrote the space agency. "The cover of my lenses is not yet, but I had to show you a first look at my new home."

It was NASA's eighth successful landing on Mars from the 1976 Viking wells, and the first in six years. NASA's Curiosity Rover, which arrived in 2012, is still on the move.

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A few hours after landing, the craft pulled back a second photograph, clearly showing the surface of the red planet.

"Here is a quiet beauty. I am looking forward to exploring my new home," NASA said.

InSight, a $ 1 billion international project, includes a German moth that will raise five meters to measure Mars' internal warmth. Lander also has a French earthquake measuring earthquake, if it exists on our smaller, geologically quieter neighbor. Another experiment will calculate the spin of Mars to reveal the makeup of the planet.

Green Day rock revealed a relationship with NASA and the Mars project, saying "Green Day in 1986" was etched on a chip installed in the lander.

"Officially landed on Mars," the band wrote on Twitter.

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