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NFL ICYMI: Baker has no love for Hue; Browns counts now


Guided by bustard overflowing QB Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns suddenly deserves to keep an eye on his eyes.

Are they still pretenders at the playoffs? Of course not; only their most burning fans would say so.

However, Browns – the owners of a single victory over the two previous combined seasons – are a club that counts now, not just because they are able to win, as they did 35-20 against Cincinnati Bengals, but also because have real characters.

First of all, of course, both on the ground and on the ground, is Mayfield, the Heisman Trophy winner and the best volume that helped Browns (4-6-1) finish a 25-shy, shy game of NFL . After throwing four TDs and interceptions to zero, he made sure he shot his former coach, Hue Jackson, who was fired by Cleveland in less than a month ago and quickly took up a job with Bengals as a defense assistant.

Then, when they met on the ground for a handshake, Mayfield resisted what appeared to be Jackson's attempt to bring him for a hug. Then, speaking to reporters, Mayfield took what could only be seen as a blow to Jackson and Todd Haley, Brown's former offensive coordinator, saying, "We have people we think we call the songs now."

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"It was not about talking," Mayfield said of the brief postgame interaction with Jackson. "Cleveland's left, down to Cincinnati … It's just someone in our locker, asking us to play for him and then going to another team we play twice a year. spin it, but that's how I feel.

There were even more. When Browns safety Damarious Randall took a pick in the first half, he got off the limits of the Benelux and gave the ball to Jackson's right. Hmmmm.

Mayfield joined Nick Chubb, the fourth-time rookie in the history of the league, with shame and touchdowns in consecutive matches, and young talents such as Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward in defense, plus stray Randall showed that if Browns might not offer the "must-not-see" television they have been offering for some time.

If you have lost it, here are other top topics after the 12th NFL Sunday:


The most important detention of San Francisco 49ers Arubil's arrest of Reuben Foster in connection with a charge of domestic violence may be what, if not, the NFL will end. The 49-year-old said on Sunday they would have Foster give up; Brian McCarthy spokesman said the League is revising the issue.


As this season is spiraling, the Jaguars in Jacksonville, Doug Marrone, continue to find new ways to get away. The latest example: Running back Leonard Fournette, who left his team's line-up to the opposite ends, to shoot at the defensive end of Bill Shaq Lawson near the stands in Buffalo's 24- 21. As if this was not enough, the debris sank into the tunnel after both players were eliminated. Fournette could have helped Jags (3-8) avoid a seventh loss if they were still in the game. In addition, while Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders, put it on the NFL network: "This madman ran in the field?"


He did not face much with an opponent, but Chargers QB Philip Rivers turned into a remarkable performance, completing 25 direct cards and finishing 96.6 (connecting 28 of 29 throws) – both NFL single-game – help LA to put Arizona Cardinals 45-10 and improve to 8-3. "It was a fun day to say the least," Rivers said.

LUCK It could run

Give him Frank Reich coach for creative creations, giving Andrew Luck back-to-back gaming routes, including one that led to a 4-meter catch in the fourth place to move the sticks in a car TD in the 27th Sunday – 24th victory over the dolphins in Miami. However, Luck's first reception, aside, one has to remind Reich that the success of his team depends largely on Luck – and that QB missed last season with a shoulder injury. Maybe it's time to put the tricks back into Reich's pocket.

AP Pro Football Writer Josh Dubow contributed to this report.

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