Sunday , October 17 2021

Outside: Great Idea – Allow Children to Handle Their Own Dental Surgery

And I write really fast, because only the resumption of this moment makes me quite easy. I'm going to take a quick break and get some fresh water and air …

… O.K. I feel a little better.

So for some very good reasons (my dental work sensitivity) and a few bad reasons (my sensitivity to using holiday dental days), I decided that the girls could manage this well.

They started for dental surgery. Everything was fine. Then instant messages started. And I promise you that, other than punctuation and profanity, they are not edited.

"She makes a backpack there."

This was the first text from the big sister, Jessica.

Oh no. Tasks do not sound like a positive thing to wisdom teeth extraction.

"She shouted loudly," Ow! "and now they say" Emma, ​​Emma, ​​Emma, ​​Emma. "

Again, for the background, Emma should be unconscious at the moment. When someone tries to remove your teeth from wisdom, the unconscious is where you want to be.

"It seems she tried to get up," writes Jessica, adding, for some reason, "LOL".

I feel that LOL is abusing a lot. I mean, it should mean, "laughing out loud, did not it? But I saw someone LOL, when I know I really do not like because what I wrote was not that funny. moment LOL.

After LOL we received more messages.

"Oh, I say a lot of" Emmas ", again … She yells again.

What's going on out there?

"I think he continues to retire, then wake up to scream at them, then come out again."

I felt good enough not to be there, but bad enough for what was happening.

"Hahaha was crazy and could not get out," says Jessica. Again, he's not sure he guarantees a "Hahaha."

The messages stopped there because the dentist could not do the job unless Jessica came into the room and held Emma's hand, kept her calm or, if not, fixed her, not to cry out, and trying to bite the dentist.

Emma weighed when she regained consciousness.

– I do not remember anything about it.

And if I were there, I would not even remember anything.

Chuck Brown can be found at [email protected]

Chuck Brown can be found at [email protected]

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