Tuesday , April 20 2021

Overwatch Pro Players give up the toxic harassment of their abilities

When "Ellie" joined Overwatch for Second Wind Team in December, was a great addition, despite the fact he did not know much about the player himself. Simply walking after "Ellie" made her mysterious entry and the mystery set off a chain of events that led to overwhelming harassment from other players and fans who questioned her skills – some even saying she never played never playing.

Second Wind is a very respected team in Overwatch League scene so any new roster addition will gain interest. That being said, many of the posts that have been spotted on social sites like Twitter and Reddit seemed want to do everything about sex – stating that the inferior account was suspicious and that the only reason she was allowed to play was because she was a woman. Some even went so far as to say she is not a woman if she plays pro.

Even other professional players weighed, Danien "Dafran" Francesca of Atlanta Reign publicly stated that she did not think she was actually she, but instead another person with her speaking small.

Contrary to conspiracy theories, many have offered that since it has gone so far as to maintain its confidentiality with regard to its name, perhaps the lower-level account was a "smurf" account as a way to keep control of privacy.

As in most cases of online harassment, it has grown rapidly and doxxing has become a serious concern. This was mounted at a level that caused Ellie to quit.

Justin Hughes, the second wind, said: "When we brought him into the team, people acted as if we brought a symbol of empowerment," said Hughes wrote in a Twitter post. "I understood that people wanted to get along well, but on the one hand, I asked people about their legitimacy, threats, etc. While, on the other hand, we had people who they behaved as if they had found their Messiah. Between a player's need to live up to huge expectations and to question his own safety, it seems that the OW community is not ready to see only one player as just one player. I wanted a player, but it seemed like the audience wanted something else. "

Others have weighed, such as Kate Mitchell of Washington Justice "It is absolutely unacceptable for members of this community to bomb, harass or play doxx for their kind" she said on Twitter. "It shows why there are few women in this sport. We have to do better, not just for women and girls who play this game now, but for those who grow up to follow us."

At this point, although the games should be just about a player and nothing else, the esport team is still a male-dominated area. Although female professionals continue to discontinue and demonstrate their abilities, such cases demonstrate that there is still much progress to be made.

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