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Piers Morgan and his celebrity girls as he collides with Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande is not the first celebrity Piers Morgan had an online scrap after the two presenters of Good Morning, the British presenter, watched the Little Mix & Strip music video.

Last summer, Ariana came to Piers after her mother, Joan, came in with her own thoughts about the disorientation of the Little Mix journalist who did her job.

Piers told Mama Grande: "Hi Joan, my mother taught me to speak my mind and not to be afraid to express my sincere opinion.

"Ellen is a hypocrite – and for Little Mix, I would prefer to use her talent to sell records rather than their nudity. Just as your daughter does …"

Yes, and Ellen DeGeneres was there.

Anyway, this would never be good for the dangerous woman, as Ariana wrote: "Ellen is an incredible and kind human being … I use my talent and sexuality all the time because I choose," she began.

"Women can be sexual and talented, naked and worthy, it is our choice, and we will continue to struggle until people understand." I say this with all due respect, but thank the next.

"Continue the fight against divas battle @ LittleMix your sisters have your back."

But it was not done, as she added: "Also, @piersmorgan, I look forward to the day when you realize there are other ways to make you become relevant than to criticize young, beautiful and successful women for everything what I do.

"I think it will be a great thing for you and your career or what's left of it."


Of course he comes after the OG fight between the presenter and Little Mix after he asked Jesy Nelson to apologize after calling BBC Radio 1 after suggesting their message of positivity to the body was a subtle attempt to sells records.

So many "afters" – so much to unpack.

Ariana v Piers (Picture: Rex / Getty)

It is not the first time Piers has entered a mess with a celeb, either on Twitter or on the GMB couch.

Let's have a look, do not we?

Chrissy Teigen

These two go back. For years we have followed back and forth the Chrissy model (who also had many warlike words with President Donald Trump – who seems close to Piers) and the presenter, while they support everything, but especially feminism.

Which, as you will see from some of these posts, is an ongoing theme …

Back in 2016, they came up with a question when we both called one of the other click-bait hunters who used one another to be exposed and boys had a lot to unpack.

Chrissy is not a fan yet (Picture: Invision)

It ended with Piers saying that Chrissy's husband, John Legend, was a genius, so he'd forgive them.

However, Chrissy did not care.

Then he went into Ariana's beef this week, however, as he was referring to Piers, er, appendix.

It's too early for all this.

She wrote, "Every time someone mentions pirates, his dick becomes another boiling power and his tears are weeping with tears of joy."

Piers asked if he would manage to get rid of such a comment by a woman and, indeed, everyone, please stop.

kim Kardashian

Again, back and forth was an ongoing ping pong match where the presenter turned to the star of reality on numerous occasions to use his body as he sees fit (see an ongoing theme), imagining them another inexpensive sales advantage.

Kim pulled her back in February, while she gave GMB her own fragrance, because she wanted her "haters" to get a love too.

Kim and Piers Go Back (Picture: Getty)

Piers responded by saying that he would also send his own bottle, the Provocateur, to his frenzy.

However, while he continued to pull his family during GMB segments, last month he was not really a fan of Kim posting naked photos at Instagram as soon as the news broke Pittsburgh shooting.

"While America is spinning at a disseying table, firing at a Pittsburgh synagogue, Kim Kardashian posts this image on Twitter." Delete it, @KimKardashian – if you have a piece of decency left. "

Emily Ratajkowski

Piers Morgan seems to bring the Emily at least once a week, suggesting she should wear clothes, the classic critic of many people who are not sure how to handle someone who really wants to wear anything and whatever he wants.

After asking if he needed to buy his clothes because he was looking frozen in an empty shot for Harper's Bazaar, she struck back: "Thank you, but I do not need clothes as long as you need the press ".

JK Rowling

The two went to social blows through Donald Trump, but they were very heated in the dining room in Hogwarts after JK tweeted: Yes, watching Piers Morgan tell him to live on live TV is exactly * so satisfying as I always imagined.

It was after Piers made an appearance with Jim Jeffries on Real Time TV.

Piers replied: "That's why I never read a single word about Harry Potter."

However, JK asked, "Because you had a premonition that someday the author would laugh at seeing you shouted for your shit on live TV?"

And. This one. Just. Held. Going.

Then, in Spencer Morgan's true fashion, he diffuses tension through a single message:

Lily Allen

The hate of the two slipped very well on Twitter, with many matches between the award winning singer and Piers, who seemed to start long after calling her because she was wearing a machine gun necklace.

Piers announced he refused to interview the singer until it became a "hit" after the mother of two released a video that revealed she was cut off from the program. "Hi Lily, I told the team that I will not interview you until or if your new album is a hit, so it probably never screwed up." "I'm sorry to disappoint Piers.

Will these two eyes look in the eye? (Picture: ITV / Rex)

Lily took care? Do not jot it.

"There would be no incentive to come and talk to you if an album was already a commercial success," she said.

"It does not work to promote. Try, though, we all know that you are a p **** who can not support it.

She came after Lily explained how her appearance on the ITV show was canceled.

"So my album No Shame is going on in a few days and I put together my promotional program and the first people who asked me to come to TV was Good Morning Britain last week," she said.

"This morning, Good Morning Britain called my people and told me:" After Lily and Piers spit Twitter, Lily would like to cancel the show? "

"To which I replied:" No! Of course not! What the? Do you think I'm afraid of Piers Morgan?

She added, "Anyway, the message came back and I just received the news that I was canceled because Piers does not want to smoke!"

Chris Evans

The powerful US captain is not Piers's fan after the presenter beat James Bond's star Daniel Craig because he was carrying the baby in a slipper.

How much he dares!

Piers faces anger over the Internet to suggest that such a move was exasperated, however, the Hollywood Chris actor had nothing in it.

37-year-old tweeted site: "You have to be so unsure about your own masculinity to worry about how another man is wearing his baby. Anyone who loses time quantifying masculinity is frightened inside.

Piers seemed unsupervised, replied, "The American captain would not wear a slipper."

Amber Rose

Piers previously labeled Amber's social posts, "Pathetic, she warns. And when she posted a goal shot by herself, because she wanted, he wrote:" Put Luv away. Thanks. & # 39;

Then, the two employees in a mind full of spirit and spirit, many described them as flirty and dirty.

Which, in Amber's opinion, she thinks is because she loves her.

Amber thinks Piers might like it (Picture: PA Wire)

– Loves me? Of course he does! That's why I had to make myself feel superior, "she told Closer.

– I offend him because of his toxic masculinity and the narcissistic personality disorder.

She added: "I'm not mad at him. My goal was never to get him tangled, just to bring awareness of his toxic behavior."

Adam Hills

Australian coder Adam Hills did not conceal his contempt for Piers when he canceled his appearance on The Last Leg.

However, the courageous man accepted an interview with GMB, where he came in front of Piers, and the two had strange chatting.

He brought Ewan McGregor to cancel his appearance in the show, as Adam said: "Honestly, last night at 9 o'clock if I looked at the diary and left," Oh, I have to sit on a coach with Piers Morgan tomorrow, "I would say no."

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However, when Piers co-host said that Adam was still on the Piers sofa he struck back: "Well, because you're here! If this show was Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan, you do not have never have a guest.

Cue three minutes of inconvenience back and forth.

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