Thursday , June 8 2023

Politician: Justin Trudeau laughs and looks like a true Newfoundlander | Regional | News


It seems that the Prime Minister of the country is better versed to verses at a traditional Newfoundland traditional song than most Newfoundlanders.

Last night, a party in support of provincial tourism, Justin Trudeau, was launched in Ottawa at Newfoundland's second annual annual fair, alongside Newfoundland actor Allan Hawco, led the liberal group members in a resounding performance of "Ryans and Pittmans "" We'll Rant and We Roar ".

The band is accompanied by musicians Mark Manning, Aaron Collis, Anthony Chafe and Michael Boone, who form the band Rum Ragged. MP Seamus O'Regan, who can be seen on the far right, posted this video to social media Wednesday night:

At one point, it seems that Trudeau helps Hawco with the lyrics. In a post at Instagram, the former Doyle Republican star admitted that he could "wander."

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