Thursday , April 15 2021

Project Cars studio is working on "the most powerful console ever built"

London-based store development store Light Mad Studios – which is behind The CARS project racing sim series as well You need speed: Shift franchise – is up to his name with the announcement of his next project: a gaming console to rival with Xbox and PlayStation and to support VR content in three years.

That's from CEO Ian Bell, who told Variety that the "Mad Box" console will "support most major and future VRs and the specifications will be equivalent to a" very fast PC 2 years now "." Here are his bold claims about his capabilities in a recent tweet:

Bell clarified that the console will support VR games at 120 fps (60 fps in the eye) and that its price will be competitive with future consoles. He added that it will be available all over the world.

The other draw is that Little Mad will make a platform game engine available freely to third parties who want to create content for the console. The company does not particularly want to create titles that are exclusive to Mad Box and will let them decide how they want to make their versions available.

All this sounds great on paper, but we'll have to wait and see how Little Mad plays. Hopes to have images of early console design projects in about four to six weeks and is in talks with investors interested in financing the project.

Much can happen in three years, though. Sony said in May that it intends to do so has escaped online services to keep its PlayStation revenue by the end of March 2021, and talks about a PS5 that came out that year. And while VR games are not very hot now, they could catch it until the Mad Box is ready for the first time.

It also remains to be seen if Easy Mad has the techniques and the marketing chopstick to eliminate this. The company claims that its capabilities go beyond game development and covers vehicle simulation and the creation of VR environments. But it will be made available to build a reliable product as well as to distribute it globally and to gain support from both developers and gamers – all in the face of fierce competition from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Published on January 4, 2019 – 05:38 UTC

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