Thursday , June 8 2023

Provincial Park Project released for the Bighorn area of ​​the Rocky Mountains


A wild park, three provincial parks and four recreational areas are proposed for the Bighorn country on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, near Nordegg.

The government on Friday launched the plan in tandem with the beginning of a consultation period that runs until the end of January.

Prime Minister Rachel Notley compared the proposal with the creation of Kananaskis by Alberta's former prime minister, Peter Lougheed, to stop the development near the Banff National Park in the 1970s.

"Like Prime Minister Lougheed with K-Country, today we take advantage of the opportunity to create something special," Notley said. – That special thing is the Land of Bighorn.

Notley said growing demands on the ground have led the government to take action. She said the area includes the springs from the North Saskatchewan River, which offers drinking water to the city of Edmonton.

Motor vehicles outside the motorway are cautious that the plan will limit the place where they can go. The proposal includes designated spaces for off-road vehicles and snowmobiles.

The province wants to spend $ 40 million to build infrastructure for backcountry and front-end camps, hiking, hunting, snowmobiles and off-highway vehicles.

Within the proposal, David Thompson, the North Saskatchewan River and Ya Ha Tinda Provincial Parks will have hiking and horseback riding routes as well as kayaking and canoeing areas.

David Thompson and Ya Ha Tinda will have spots for caravans and RVs.

The Snow Creek, Bighorn Dam and Hummingbird Provincial Recreation Areas will be designated routes and waiting areas for off-road vehicles.

Bighorn Wildland Provincial Park is designed to conserve large areas in the Jasper and Banff National Parks. It will be open to backcountry campaigns, hunters and fishermen.

Riding rides and off-road vehicles will be limited to designated routes.

Rawbey-Rocky-Sundre MLA House MLA Jason Nixon from the UN Conservative Party is part of

MLA World Conservative Party Jason Nixon of Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-the Sundre constituency covers much of the Bighorn area. He raised the area's ATV users' concerns in the legislature.

Nixon said he plans to spend the weekend on the Bighorn proposal and talk to the constituents. He does not seem convinced that the consultation will be appropriate.

"Of course, we will review the proposal announced today," he said in a written statement. "But I am deeply worried about what seems to be a complete rejection of the recommendations of the Regional Advisory Council on the Bighorn Future."

"I am also skeptical of any" consultation "that this government has done. After all, it was the government that held false consultations after justifying the carbon tax, a charge that two-thirds of the Albertans were opposed constantly.

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