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Quick: Vancouver wants photos from your "sunken" city to highlight sea level rise – BC


Vancouver is in the midst of another "wave of the king," and the city of Vancouver asks the audience to pull out their rooms to document it.

Sea containers, also known as perigean spring tides, represent the largest tidal intervals of the year. This king tide takes place from 23 November to 30 November.

Dramatic photographs flood the social media like Vancouver, the Black Sea

They occur when the moon is the closest to the earth, and the gravitational forces of the sun and moon reinforce each other.

Big Tide can produce water levels of up to five meters, or even higher, if combined with a storm increase.

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They can also cause minor floods in some remote areas and, from the city's point of view, provide a potential picture of what the region might look like in the context of rising sea levels.

According to the city, the sea level on the coast of Vancouver has grown 3.7 cm in the last century.

In the face of climate change, the province has told coastal municipalities to prepare for an increase in sea level of one meter by the beginning of the next century.

As such, the city asks the public to take pictures of the tide shoreline to help plan that reality. People are invited to share them on social media or load them on an interactive map.

"The Black Sea vessels give us a chance to see how the normal sea level can look like in the future as they rise because of climate change," says the city in a document called Shorelines Changing in Vancouver.

"By 2050, when sea levels are expected to be 50 centimeters higher than at present, our normal high levels might look like some of the king's days of the day."

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The exercise is part of the city's plan to respond to the rise in the sea, including a coastal flood risk assessment and an adaptation plan for the Fraser River.

The city also states that flood risk data in coastal areas is included in all new offshore projects and that they will request public information on how to respond to the sea level rise in the coming year.

"Big Tide" responsible for flooding around the Vancouver Metro

Shutterbugs who want to capture dramatic images of the King's wave can see a weather forecast for the best moments. The highest sea levels of 4.93 meters will be held at 9:38 a.m. Tuesday. and Wednesday at 10:28 a.m.

The previous King's bottles gave quite amazing photos. Here are some pictures of tourists who were captured during January in January.

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