Tuesday , January 31 2023

Rush crews to stop the oil spill after the truck stops with the nozzle


A fuel leak in Donovan's Industrial Park took last night a tense moment to attend staff.

Shortly after 8:00, a 24-hour drip was reported from Irving on Clyde Avenue. Chief of Platoon, head of Barry Burke, of the St. John's Regional, said it appeared that a vehicle was powered when the operator left the nozzle still in the tank. The hose has broken down, causing the gas to continue to run on the ground until the pump can be switched off.

It was not precisely at that time exactly how many liters of diesel fuel had been spilled, and there was fuel worry about going down a nearby storm drain. Workers placed an absorbent and positioned a barrier around the drainage channel in an attempt to stop the further spread of the fuel.

Firefighters, RNC, Pearl Mountain City, and the province converted to the scene while the workers tried to find the driver who was last on that pump.

The Clyde Plain has been locked in the area for about half an hour.

Images from Earl Noble

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