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Should you buy a 4K TCL TV on Black Friday?


Over the years, the Chinese TV brand TCL has built its reputation for making an abundance of affordable TVs. Last year it became the third largest brand in North America and, according to the company, its sales of LCD TVs are growing rapidly from one year to the next.

Almost ten years after TCL products became available for the first time in several European countries, TCL now has a presence in the UK. It is sold with a double number of 4K budget TVs on a series of intervals, including the DP608 series (43in and 55in models), DP628 series (43in, 50in, 55in) and DP648 (43in, 50in, 55in and 65in).

When they launched in the summer, the most affordable was £ 338. Just a few months later, that's 288 pounds now – thanks, you guessed it, Black Friday.

There are up to 150 pounds on TCL phones – which does not seem to be a massive amount, considering that we saw some TVs with a massive 1,000 pounds band, but then they were cheap first, so the cuts are pretty of significance.

We're talking about 150 pounds from a 65-euro TCL 65DP648 TV. There are decent savings in smaller sizes, including 43 in 43DP608 for £ 288, 50 in TCL 50DP628 for £ 349 and 55 in 55DP608 for £ 379.

Short answer: If your priority is screen size and pixels-per-pound, these TCL TVs are worth considering – especially if you do not own a video streamer and want a TV with a fair share of smart applications embedded in it. For day-to-day television and HD / SD, they'll be fine, however, those who, after the true splendor of HDK 4K playback, might consider a better offer.

TCL DP608, DP628 and DP648: all you need to know

With 4K resolution, support for HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) as well as Freeview Play services, on-demand services and live TV in the same place at no monthly cost, these TCL TVs are as complex as you might hope for this market purpose.

There are Netflix and YouTube 4K content applications and various applications that can be installed for SD and HD content. It's not clear whether Amazon Prime Video is available on the TCL TV offer – if not, video streaming service users should get it through a budget video stream, such as a Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick.

Features: check. But the image? Since these TCLs are so new on the UK market, we never went through twelve rounds. However, if their specifications and our experience of cheap 4K TVs are something to go by, we would have moderated expectations when it comes to HDR 4K performance.

The DP648 models help you process the Wide Color Gamut and Brightness + technology from the TCL on the DP608 range, but the brightness levels are still maximum at 320 levels, so these TVs will not really use HDR content. Again, at this price, you probably do not have to wait, but it means we do not hurry to associate them with a 4K Blu-ray player – the advice we have given on the Hisense 4K TVs as well which I have recently reviewed. If you would like to take the risk, all the two or three HDMI inputs of the sets are compatible with step 4K from 4K connected sources.

For non-HDR content, they should work very well in the case of brightness. And we could only hope – especially with regard to the brand's popularity abroad – that their level of color, detail and clarity is rising to zero.

Then, again, for proven quality at a great price, I headed for the best TV of the year: the Philips 50PUS6703 five-star TV, a 50-inch HDR TV that is currently only 400 pounds (dropping from 600 pounds). Also, Hisense H43AE6100UK four star business is at an attractive price of £ 279.

If you want to increase screen size, these TCL 4K ultra-budget TVs can just do trick. Would you like to explore other options (and I would have urged you)? There are plenty of 4K Black Friday TV offers to be held now and over the weekend.

Verdict: If smart apps and most of the screen for the least money are your priorities and you are not passionate about making the most of what 4K and HDR have to offer, they should deliver these TCL TVs. Are you trying to invest in a 4K Blu-ray player on discs now or in the near future? Sets of price sets will undoubtedly justify this.

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