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More than half of the food produced in Canada is squandered, and the average kitchen eats hundreds of dollars worth of edible apples every year, say the researchers of a study, call it the first product of its kind.

"It's a lot of food," said Lori Nikkel of the second crop, the Toronto group working to reduce food losses that commissioned the study.

"We lose more food than we eat."

The study, published on Thursday, is the first in the world to measure food waste using industry data and other sources instead of estimates, said Martin Gooch of Value Chain Management International, who conducted the study.

Value Line works with agriculture, aquaculture, marine and food industries to make them profitable.

"What we did was actually go to the industry and (he said)," Give us primary data, "Gooch said." This is the first time anywhere in the world someone has gone out and obtained primary data that connects production with consumers. "

The results were verified with industry experts.

"At every stage of the process, I hardened him," Gooch said. "We are confident that our results are conservative."

Previous works have suggested that Canadians lose about 400 pounds of food per person, one of the largest totals in the world. The new paper adds detailed details of this figure.

Apples rot in the grass for lack of harvesters. The surplus milk is washed. Thousands of hectares of products are shown after canceled orders.

The report, funded largely by the Walmart Foundation, concludes that 58% of Canadian food production is scattered.

This includes inevitable waste such as animal bones. But a solid third of waste – more than 11 million tonnes – could be recovered.

The report states that the value of consumer goods coming from landfills or other storage places is nearly 50 billion dollars. This is more than half the amount Canadians spend each year and is enough to feed each Canadian for five months.

It is also said that avoidable food waste in Canada produces more than 22 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions that change the climate.

According to the report, processing and production are the largest sources of avoidable waste, accounting for 43% of these. Products that do not meet exacting classification standards, inaccurate market forecasts and inefficient processes are part of this problem.

So there are data codes that eliminate perfectly healthy foods on the market.

"The best before does not mean horribly after," Nikkel said.

Canadian kitchens are also scattered, responsible for 21% of avoidable waste. It's about 1,700 dollars per household in a country where four million people are fighting for regular meals.

Hospitals, restaurants and institutions contribute 13% of avoidable food waste. Retail outlets are almost behind, at 12%.

Farmers lose only six percent of the food they produce. Distributors lose less than 5%.

The report details many ways in which residues could be removed. Better coordination between the farmer and the processor, changes in crop insurance, clearer time codes, improved food safety assessment for donor food reform, and accountability could help maintain nutrition in the garbage and on someone's plate.

Even avoiding bulk purchases that would lead to excessive blowing would help, Nikkel said.

Canadians should change their attitude towards food, she added.

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January 17, 2019 / 6:40 | Story:
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Government officials in Burkina Faso confirmed that a Canadian employee of the mining company was found dead after being kidnapped in the West African country.

A security ministry official says Kirk Woodman, a Halifax man who worked for Vancouver Mining Mining Progress, was found dead late Wednesday in Oudalan province.

Jean Paul Badoum said from Ouagadougou, the capital of the country, that the body was found with bullet wounds.

Badoum said Woodman was kidnapped by an armed gunman in a mining camp, but officials have not yet identified the kidnappers.

He said no group took responsibility for kidnapping.

Badoum said the body was found alone.

Acadia University professor Sandra Barr said in a late Wednesday email that Woodman was well known among Nova Scotia geologists, where he had been based and worked in Africa for decades.

"She was very passionate about the work she was doing there," she said.

David Duncan, an exploration geologist veteran based in Windsor, N.S., said he has worked with Woodman on Nova Scotia and overseas projects for more than four decades.

In an interview on Wednesday, he described Woodman as a talented geologist – part of a wider community of geologists trained in Nova Scotia, who helped me find me all over the world. He had the ability to say if a good outlook could become a mine, he said.

Duncan and Woodman have worked for the Etruscan Resources of Halifax on some of the first gold mines in Niger and then Burkina Faso as part of a close group of Canadian geologists who were pioneers of mine development in West Africa.

He said that working as an exploration geologist in West Africa has always had its dangers, ranging from the risk of road accidents to contracting diseases such as malaria, but Duncan said in recent years that the risk grew with increasing Islamic militancy.

"It's a terrible thing, a terrible thing. I understand since Canadian diplomat Robert Fowler was kidnapped in Niger that part of the world has changed … with the introduction of Islamic fundamentalists in that part of the world," he said.

"It has become a much harder place … I have never been worried about kidnapping. Today is a different world."

The news comes shortly after a 34-year-old Quebec tourist and their travel companion have been declared missing in West Africa.

Edith Blais and her Italian wife, Luca Tacchetto, travel by car in southwest Burkina Faso when all communication with their families ended abruptly on December 15th.

A statement by Security Minister Clement Sawadogo referred to the disappearance of Blais and Tacchetto as kidnapping.

The Sahel region of West Africa has experienced a series of alien abductions in recent years by extremists linked to al-Qaeda or the Islamic state organization.

Burkina Faso has recently declared a state of emergency in the region, as Islamic extremist attacks have increased, especially at the Niger and Mali border.

Sawadogo said foreigners should be very cautious when traveling in dangerous areas of the country.

January 17, 2019 / 5:46 | Story:
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Canada's top military officer acknowledges that progress has been slower than expected to attract more women into Canadian forces.

New figures show that there has been a small increase in the number of women in the army over the past two years, but General Jonathan Vance says he remains committed to having a quarter of military personnel by 2026.

"I'm pushing 25 percent of women," Vance told The Canadian Press. "I would rather criticize because I try and fail to achieve significant growth than I do not try at all."

Canadian Forces have endeavored for years to increase the number of women, visible minorities, and indigenous people in a row, which has led some in the past to wonder whether their goals should be revised downwards.

Instead, Vance publicly stated in February 2016, shortly after taking over the leadership of the Forces, that he wanted one of four members of the service to be women by 2026. At that time, only 15% of the members of the service were women .

The latest figures provided by the Department of National Defense show at the beginning of January that they have risen to 15.7%.

"It will not work as fast as I thought," Vance said.

But, he added, "we know with certainty that there is a healthier job with a better gender balance." We know that, so I refuse to abandon the percentage target.

The 25% target was part of the effort to make forces more reflective of Canadian society. Particular importance was given to concerted efforts to eradicate sexual abuse within the military, which were reported only one year before a significant problem in their ranks.

The Trudeau Government has also made an increase in women's representation within the United Nations Organization for Peacekeeping Priority in Foreign Policy.

The military has been much more successful in representing the visible minorities, which rose to 8.6% from 7.4% in January 2017. The indigenous population remained largely unchanged at 2.8%.

Over the last three years, numerous measures and initiatives have been launched to increase the number of women in uniform, including targeted recruitment campaigns, improving family support and focusing on the elimination of sexual offenses.

And there were positive signs, Vance said, including an increasing number of women studying to become officers at the Royal Military College in Canada, and more women taking leadership roles in forces.

"At present, maintaining the number of women is better than men per capita," he added. So keeping women is improving. That's a good thing.

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January 17, 2019 / 5:32 | Story:
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China has refused Canada's latest border on Canadian citizens' detention, rejecting the assertion that China's behavior poses a threat to all nations.

Instead, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said Thursday that Chinese people might be in danger as a result of Canadian detention of a Chinese telecom executive for "no reason".

"What threat did China put in Canada?" Chunying said when asked by journalists about duel charges. "I think that the foreign minister may rush and can not speak without thinking."

A remark was triggered on Wednesday by Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland that "the arbitrary detentions of Canadians … are a behavior that poses a threat to all countries."

China has detained two Canadians in what Western analysts consider as an attempt to press Canada to release Huawei's executive, Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested in Vancouver at the request of the United States

Meng's mention during the transit of the city's airport on December 1 created a diplomatic rupture that continued to grow. Meng is the financial director of the Chinese telecommunications giant and daughter of his founder. It is wanted by the U.S. in connection with an investigation into sanctions violations in Iran.

China then condemned a new Canadian, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, to death on Monday, in a sudden resumption of his drug smuggling case. He was initially convicted in 2016 for a period of 15 years, but the court pronounced the new sentence after reconsidering his case.

The decision seems to have fueled a daily espionage match between the two countries.

January 17, 2019 / 5:23 | Story:
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A legal medical officer returned today to the assassination process Dennis Oland, this time confronting defense questions.

Sgt. Mark Smith from the police in Saint John told the court that he had collected over 500 evidence from the place where he murdered the multi-millionaire Richard Oland and the searches for his son Dennis.

Smith recognized the difficulty of keeping the crime scene without contamination from the police officers who should not have been there.

So many officers wanted to look at the bloody scene, the defense said it was like a sightseeing tour.

The Netherlands, aged 50, is accused of assassinating her father's second degree on July 6, 2011.

He pleaded not guilty.

January 16, 2019 / 20:47 | Story:
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The United States denounced a death sentence imposed on a British man in Colombia as being "politically motivated," adding an effort to Ottawa's effort to step up international pressure on Beijing to save his life and release two more detained Canadians.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland reported on Tuesday and "have voiced concerns about arbitrary detentions and politically motivated condemnation of Canadian citizens," the US spokesman said Wednesday, Robert Palladino.

Earlier this week, a Chinese court applied the death penalty to Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, who was originally convicted in 2016 for a 15-year period for drug smuggling. The court issued the new sentence after re-examining its case.

Freeland asked for leech for Schellenberg and voiced his "inhuman" sentence.

On Wednesday, a spokesman for the Chinese government removed Canada's request for action, saying the courts were exercising their powers in accordance with the laws of the country without intervention.

Developments come after China seized two Canadians on national security grounds in December in apparent reprisals for Huawei's Canadian arrest, Meng Wanzhou.

The December 1 arrest of Meng, chief financial officer of the technical giant, has angered Beijing. She has called for her release, warning Canada of serious consequences if she does not.

Diplomatic relations between Ottawa and Beijing have deteriorated rapidly since Meng's arrest to the point where there are fears that it could affect Canada's business relationship with its second trading partner. China and Canada have strengthened their travel recommendations week by week, blowing last year's bilateral effort to boost tourism between the two countries.

Charged into a dispute with a much larger country, Canada has worked to support the international community's support.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Freeland welcomed the US statement a day after saying he explained Pompeo's situation.

The statement also attempted to address the Chinese concerns about Meng's arrest circumstances, saying that Pompeo and Freeland discussed once again Canada's commitment to "conduct a legal, impartial and transparent procedure and extradition request in the US ".

Last month, US President Donald Trump raised questions about US demand for extradition, trying to intervene in Meng's case in an interview with Reuters if he helped him make a trade deal with China.

Freeland listed a number of allies who asked Canada to speak against Schellenberg's death sentence and to support his efforts to release Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, two Canadians who were imprisoned in China last month. Spavor is an entrepreneur and Kovrig is a Canadian diplomat on vacation, who is still employed by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada.

"The Prime Minister's leader, our government reacted vigorously to our allies, and explained that the arbitrary detentions of Canadians are not just about Canada – they are a behavior that poses a threat to all countries," Freeland said after meeting with leaders business in Repentigny, Que., near Montreal.

On Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said Beijing is "not worried at all" about confronting the opposition with the international community, according to a transcript of the comments in English published on the Chinese government website.

"In fact, you can count on the fingers of some Canadian allies who have chosen to deal with this problem," Hua said.

"For these serious crimes that cause great harm to society, such as drug smuggling, I believe it is the international consensus that such crimes will be strictly manipulated and punished."

Asked about Hua's comments on Wednesday, Freeland said: "Regarding the idea that the number of Canada allies is limited, I would like to point out that only the EU, which has issued a declaration, is a union of 28 countries."

January 16, 2019 / 7:05 | Story:
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The Quebec comedies will be afraid to make controversial jokes if a 2016 ruling against Mike Ward by the Provincial Human Rights Court is upheld, said lawyer Julius Gray on Wednesday.

Gray tried to convince a committee of three judges from the Quebec Court of Appeal that a joke about the drowning of a disabled boy might be disgusting but must remain legal in a free and democratic society.

Ward, a popular comedian in Quebec, is calling for a Québec Human Rights Tribunal that says his shows include discriminatory comments about a young disabled singer, Jeremy Gabriel. The court ordered Ward to pay $ 35,000 for moral and punitive damages to Gabriel and $ 7,000 for his mother.

"In this particular case, if the judgment is maintained, no one can dare to be a stand-up comedy, because you usually have fun with things that are controversial – otherwise it's not funny," Gray said reporters to the tribunal. "If something controversial can authorize someone to say," I was hurt, I go to court, "then we're done.

Gabriel was born prematurely in 1996 and has Treacher Collins Syndrome, a congenital disorder characterized by deformities of the skull and face. Known as "Little Jeremy" in Quebec, he became a minor celebrity in the province after singing with Celine Dion and the Pope.

In joke, Ward said at shows between 2010 and 2013, the comedian said he originally thought Gabriel's disease was terminal. He said he assumed that people were just cute with him and let him sing with celebrities because he would soon be dead. After realizing that the child lived much longer than was anticipated, he concluded that Gabriel was invincible. He joked that he even tried to drown him in an aquatic park, but he would not die.

Gabriel, now 22 years old, said the kids in his school had fun with him by repeating Ward's jokes. He said that the stand-up routine made her question her value as a human being and gave him thoughts of suicide.

A judge in Quebec, on behalf of the human rights tribunal, decided that Ward's jokes violated Gabriel's right to dignity, honor and reputation, as well as his right to equality and to be sure of discrimination.

Gray argued that Ward's joke was not discriminatory. "Discrimination would have been if it had not been admitted anywhere or if it had been evaluated in a different way," Gray said to the judges. "It's not enough to have fun with it to create discrimination."

Stephanie Fournier, a lawyer who defends the human rights tribunal, said the inferior judge was correct in applying the law. She said the decision does not prevent comic books from talking about Gabriel or other people in the groups protected under the Charter.

"The hue is that you can not humiliate a person or violate his dignity … because they are disabled," she told the judges. "Gabriel was targeted because he had a handicap."

It is not about freedom of expression less important than other rights, added Fournier. "The hue is that exercising freedom of speech should not violate the fundamental rights of another person," she said.

After the meeting, Gabriel said he did not understand how it could affect his other story in Quebec.

"I think comedians are making propaganda to make people fear the loss of freedom of speech," he told reporters. He added that he still lives with the trauma that Ward's joke caused: "Always with me." (Gluma) has remained on the social media and in the consciousness of the people who have seen the shows.

Ward did not have a word to say when he briefly addressed journalists. "It's a joke," he said. "I did not have a joke for six years, I wrote it 10 years ago." To bring a comedian in court that makes black humor for a trashy joke, it's like giving Vin Diesel a speed ticket to drive quickly into The Fast and Furious. I find it disgusting to be here. I will continue to fight. "

The court said it would make the decision at a later date.

January 16, 2019/548 | Story:
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Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Wednesday presented a red vision of Canada's economic future, despite diplomatic and political riots around the world that could disrupt global trade and hinder growth as the country prepares to vote in October.

Morneau's optimistic assessment came as he arrived at the beginning of a three-day cabinet retirement – the first meeting of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cabinet after he made a small deal earlier this week.

Withdrawal is taking place against the background of the chaos that invades the British government in an attempt to bring the UK out of the European Union and to intensify the diplomatic tensions between Canada and China.

"We look closely at what is happening in the UK. It is obviously an enormous challenge for the conservative government there," Morneau said.

"We do not see this as a direct problem for the Canadian economy, but obviously it is difficult for the global economy."

Canada, which has a free trade agreement with the EU, will work to continue a "very strong business relationship" with the UK when – or if – it leaves the European Union, he added.

As far as China's economic power is concerned, Morneau has admitted that Canadians are increasingly reluctant to carry out their business and commercial opportunities in China, since this country detained two Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor for reasons national security and sentenced to death another Canadian Robert Schellenberg, who was convicted of drug trafficking.

These developments have clearly emerged for Huawei's Canadian arrest last month, Meng Wanzhou, at the request of Americans seeking its extradition to face allegations of fraud related to US sanctions against Iran. President Donald Trump has shown China's conviction that the arrest was politically motivated as part of a large trade war between the US and China.

"Obviously, we are in a difficult diplomatic moment," Morneau said.

"Our permanent goal, of course, is to have long-term economic relationships around the world to ensure that people can get good jobs here in Canada."

Canada also felt the economic impact of the diplomatic dispute with Saudi Arabia, triggered by Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, who called for the immediate release of human rights activists, including Samar Badawi, the sister of the imprisoned director, Raif Badawi.

The Kingdom of the Desert has revolted by hitting the Canadian envoy, urging all Saudi students in Canada to return home, suspending flights to Canada and restricting new trade agreements.

On Wednesday, Trudeau met privately with Raif Badawi's wife, Ensaf Haidar, who asked him to grant her Canadian nationality to her husband, apparently hoping to help her release from Saudi prison.

But some experts fear Canada's decision last week to accept Saudi adolescent Rahaf al-Qunun as a refugee will only worsen the Saudis and produce more negative repercussions.

Morneau admitted that "there are certainly winds with commercial tensions worldwide". But he mistakenly predicted that the world might be at the edge of another global recession.

The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development predict "positive expectations of global growth," he said. And in Canada, private sector economists "all look to a sustained growth period."

"So, in fact, we are not looking at right now, with any expectation of difficult times."

Morneau said the government must always be "worried about being resilient to potential challenges." But with the strongest job numbers in four decades, she said that Canada is well positioned on this score.

January 16, 2019 / 4:08 | Story:
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You might think that the last thing you meet on a rural road in central Kentucky is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

There is a chance that many of the people who go through the intersection where Mammoth Cave Road meets Old Mammoth Cave Road do not even notice that they did that.

But there, on the right side of the road, about two hours south of Louisville, on the edge of a national park, there is a giant panel that publishes the Mammoth Cave Canoe and Kayak operation, 1 mile left. And the picture on the panel, a family of four smiles in a canoe, is clearly the Canadian Prime Minister, his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, and their two best children, Xavier and Ella-Grace.

I'm in a red canoe, all dressed in life jackets, and Sophie and Ella-Grace waved.

A call to Mammoth Canoe and Kayak was resumed on Wednesday, but a man who owns a cabin rental over the street at the panel has confirmed his existence. He said he had not looked at this closely before and was surprised to learn that he had presented Trudeau.

Panels photo was not there in June 2015, when Google captured a snapshot of Google Street View page. But there was at least 2016 when a Facebook user saw the sign and posted about it in French.

Another person mentioned the panel on Twitter in June last year.

But the story seemed to take more feet Wednesday after a Reddit user posted a picture of the panel "Have you ever heard about our Trudeau panel here in Kentucky." I did not learn enough to steal photos from the Internet yet.

This caused Trudeau to tweet an answer. "For recording: It was made in Yukon in 2013. A spectacular part of this country to explore."

Trudeau initiated the tweet for the photo himself in August 2013 when he announced that he and his wife were expecting their third child.

"We are pleased to inform you that we will need another canoeing place: Sophie is pregnant!" He said, "he posted more than two years before he became prime minister.

January 16, 2019 / 12:15 | Story:
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The impact of climate change on roads and other crucial structures in northern Canada could be even greater than it feared, says new detailed research.

"These are bigger effects than I know," said John Pomeroy, head of the Global Water Futures program at the University of Saskatchewan and the lead author of a recently published publication.

Scientists have long warned that the corner of Northwest Canada is warming up faster than almost any other place in the world.

Using so detailed modeling techniques, they need a supercomputer to process, Pomeroy and his colleagues say they have looked more closely than any other researchers as to how temperatures are likely to play in the next century. They concluded that if greenhouse gas emissions continue at the current level, temperatures in the area around Inuvik, N.W.T. will increase by six degrees above the three degrees they have already raised.

"It's hard to imagine what this world really looks like," Pomeroy said.

Researchers say about 70% of the snow will fall, but the snow season will drop for almost a month. This means that the spring leak will double, causing heavy flows and floods that wash ties, such as the Dempster highway, Canada's only route from the south to the Arctic.

They say winter roads will be vulnerable to a phenomenon where melted groundwater collapses to the surface, then re-fills in a thick layer of ice.

Permafrost on buildings and roads will melt and retreat by another 25 centimeters.

"They already see some of these issues," Pomeroy said. Washouts are a common occurrence.

Predictions are based on a modeling technique so precise that it can reach zero at a square four square mile. It is small enough to predict the impact of storms that can cause precipitation caused by floods.

Pomeroy said that the precision of the model was verified by using it to "predict" the weather in the past. It is considered correct if the results from the model match what actually happened.

"The model repeated the weather very accurately."

The study has major implications for the construction of the north.

Last year, the federal government hired $ 570 million over a 10-year period for roads and other infrastructure in the N.W.T. area. Dempster's last link, from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk, was opened last summer.

A new petition, on its way to Prime Minister, was signed by more than 46,000 Canadians.

Petiția invită guvernul Trudeau să pună capăt politicii vechi de zeci de ani, care permite foștilor guvernatori generali să factureze contribuabilii pentru cheltuielile lor.

"Când părăsiți locul de muncă, nu trebuie să vă păstrați contul de cheltuieli – este atât de simplu", a declarat directorul federal al CTF, Aaron Wudrick. "Canadienii sunt indignați că această politică este în vigoare și că cer să fie schimbată. Primul ministru trebuie să repare. "

Ca exemplu al impactului pe care îl au aceste cheltuieli asupra coffers-ului țării, fostul guvernator general, Adrienne Clarkson, a taxat contribuabilii peste 1,1 milioane de dolari din cheltuielile de la plecarea din funcție în 2005.

"Ca și guvernatorii generali, mulți canadieni fac o muncă caritabilă și voluntară importantă după ce se pensionează – numai ei nu primesc contribuabilii pentru a-și acoperi cheltuielile", a spus Wudrick.

Wudrick declară că Federația Canadiană de plătitori de impozite a transmis petițiile Oficiului Primului Ministru miercuri dimineață.

Wudrick spune ca petiții ca acesta, care primesc un răspuns mare pe care ei doresc să-l ducă personal, "credem că este mai dificil pentru politicieni să ignore petițiile de această natură atunci când le oferim în acest fel", mai spune Wudrick, "o parte din timp ei doar un fel de batten jos trapele și speranța că furtuna trece. "

16 ianuarie 2019 / 8:21 | Story:

Guvernul federal creează un consiliu extern de consilieri civili care să-i ajute pe RCMP să se modernizeze după ani de luptă cu hărțuirea internă și hărțuirea.

Ministrul siguranței publice, Ralph Goodale, și comisarul RCMP, Brenda Lucki, au anunțat astăzi planul unui consiliu consultativ de conducere la o conferință de presă de la Ottawa.

Members of an interim board will be in place by April 1, with legislative changes coming this spring to make the board permanent.

Initially, the mandate of the board will focus on priorities such as supporting the development of a strategy that puts people first, RCMP business modernization and employee health and well-being.

Over time, it will expand its reach into other areas of management: effective use of RCMP resources, corporate risk and responses to address them, policies and management controls that support operations, human resources and labour relations, corporate and strategic direction, and performance measurement and departmental results.

The board will include up to 13 part-time appointees, including a chair and vice-chair.

The public safety minister will be able to direct the RCMP commissioner to seek the board's advice and require that the commissioner report back, including on actions taken based on that advice.

The board will not be involved in matters relating to active law-enforcement investigations in keeping with the principle of police independence.

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