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Souness calls the best center in the Premier League center

Date Posted: Friday 4 January 2019 10:14

Graeme Souness thinks Fernandinho in Manchester City is "easy" the best midfielder in the Premier League at this time.

The Brazilian has put another great performance for citizens like them beat Liverpool 2-1 to get their title back on the track.

Winning over Jurgen Klopp's men means the Liverpool gap is now four points with the second half of the season ahead of them.

And Souness was very impressed by Fernandinho and in particular the high rate of his work.

"Although the two central halves, Stones and Vincent Kompany, were remarkable," said Souness Sky Sport. "Bernardo Silva in the middle of the field was fabulous.

"And, of course, the central player in the middle of the game we are talking about before the match. Fernandinho is slightly the best midfielder in our country right now.

"The amount of work that she receives is overlooked by the technique she has. When he wins, puts a tackle, raises his head and generally makes the best pass he offers.

Meanwhile, Leroy Sane – who enlisted the city's winner – had a lot of praise for Fernandinho's performance.

"Everybody knows that Fernandinho is important to us," Sane said on the club's website.

"You have to defend the ball, win the ball, pass the ball!

"He had an amazing game and I'm so pleased he's back for us."

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