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Tesla's story through the eyes of Tesla Shorts & Obsessive Critics


published on January 4, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

January 4, 2019 of Zachary Shahan

We started covering Tesla in 2012, coming to the company like someone who had been without a car for more than a decade and loved it. I have previously worked to promote human transport (bicycle and walking), mass transit and sustainable development. In other words, I was not a car type.

However, there were many things to appreciate about electric cars, the beautiful model S Tesla developed and the technological innovations that Elon Musk and the team had hired.

In addition, from my previous work, I had to deal with an obvious fact of modern life: even many people who would benefit greatly from cycling and who would have enjoyed it (who biked for recreation , for example) a daily basis. If we were going to cut emissions, we needed a revolution in electric cars. Tesla clearly led the road on this front. He offered an award-winning electric car that demolished the gas and diesel competition in its class of vehicles, the first mass-produced electric car that was completely competitive with conventional cars at similar prices.

However, critics and skeptics were around every corner. I thought he was crazy then, but now, after six and a half years of extraordinary successes from Tesla, he's even hilarious. So, in honor of another evil evil neighborhood, here is a picture of Tesla's history that you would have missed if you read only CleanTechnica:

Bold: what happened

He is not bold: Tesla's "skeptical" critics and obsessed take the news.

Model Tesla S revealed

She is doomed. Tesla is doomed. Tesla can not produce the car. No one will buy it. Sales of 10,000-15,000 per year? Pfff. For whom?

Tesla Model S wins top prizes from Consumer Reports, large car owners and magazines.

No matter – there are discrepancies between the panels and the demand is drying up. They worked through interested customers and the demand is decreasing.

Tesla's demand for S grows, Tesla creates more production capacity and increases sales.

It's just a phase, a trend, because Tesla is a novelty with too much hype. However, this increase in demand has been an illusion and is fading now. Demand is shrinking now. Really.

Tesla Model X is approaching production.

Hahaha, no way to hell Tesla produces that vehicle. It is impossible to produce mass. Tesla will collapse trying to produce this vehicle. It's a dead company that's going.

And anyway, demand for this SUV is much lower than Tesla says.

Tesla is struggling in the first few months of production of the X model.

See, I told you. These vehicles can not be mass produced. It is impossible. Tesla is dead every day, can not produce the X model, and there is no demand, and S-model demand drops.

Tesla passes through early obstacles and begins to produce Model X table.


Tesla reaches annual production and sales of 100,000 Model S and Model X vehicles per year (combined), much more than the 30,000-35,000 that the company originally forecast for these models.

Everything is a meaningless hype. She went too far. However, Tesla will collapse financially because it can not make a profit and certainly can not build this scammer marketing gigafactory. (It does not matter that Tesla could get big profits – it has extremely high gross margins – and it's not just because it's pursuing incredibly rapid growth.)

Progress keeps the truck on Tesla Gigafactory.

It does not matter – Tesla will not need enough vehicles to make the Gigafactory sensible. It's a giant and empty card house and a Ponzi scheme that will take Tesla. Do not worry – Tesla will not be here in 2016 – it will be out of business.

Tesla forecasts a doubling of Model S and Model X sales in 2016.

Hahaha – what are you crazy about? Who will want to buy all these vehicles? The demand goes in the opposite direction! Tesla's Tendency Ages, and consumers are moving in other directions now. Building this production capacity is just a hurry to Tesla's collapse.

Tesla presents model 3. Reservations exceed 100,000 before the machine is displayed and then rises after it is displayed.

This is a Ponzi scheme[[[[this is a frequent claim]and Tesla will lose money before ever building a single Model 3 for consumers. In addition, the company can not produce the car as it was thought without losing money, and customers will not wait until 2020 for their cars. Other cars – real car manufacturers – will have much better cars before and Tesla will still try to make the 3th model in production if the company would not have died until then. But yes, she'll be dead long before.

Elon Musk indicates that the company's official start date is July 1, 2017 – but it's just a false target to push suppliers to be prepared and it's more or less impossible to produce … but suppliers have to be ready then.

Hahaha, you gotta fuck me! July 2017? More than in July 2020 … or never!

It's a scam. The market will arrive sooner or later.

Tesla actually begins to deliver consumer vehicles in July 2017 – basically blows the minds of everyone.

These are not real cars. It's a trick. Tesla delivers fake and manual machines for Tesla and SpaceX employees. Elon Musk is more like David Copperfield than a master of the automotive industry. The company will never massively produce model 3. It will falter fairly quickly. Shorten now!

Tesla struggles for a few quarters, trying to get Model 3 production to the target level. One production hiccup after another slows down progress and basically puts model 3 back in its original program.

I told you. The sky is falling, and Tesla has no money and will self-destroy any day. Do not wait too long – shorten now! See? I've been right all these years.

Tesla continues to make progress in increasing its Model 3 production capacity.

It's a scam. Moves cars from parking to parking. They have heavy limits that they can never reach to reach 5,000 units a week. #PaintShop

And the demand already starts to fall. Machines are not even fully produced and customers will start getting revenge soon. In addition, Tesla could never serve these cars, and the compressors will be completely clogged soon.

Tesla reaches 5,000 vehicle / week landmarks.


Elon Musk says the company will make a profit in the third quarter and should be sustainable from then on.

WHAT THE?!?!? You're crazy? It's crazy. Tesla is about to collapse. There is no way in hell, this is right. This is a joke. This is a total scam. Elon Musk is losing his mind. All the signs show that the book house collapses every day. Everything will soon be over, folks. (And do not forget to get your anti-Tesla bets).

Tesla's production is rising, sales are rising, and Tesla has a profit in the third quarter. Side Note: Tesla Model 3 becomes one of the country's most sold cars in terms of units sold and the best-selling car in terms of revenue. Tesla dominates the luxury luxury market and probably starts sucking sales away from Honda, Toyota and others.

That's all. It's an accounting trick multiplied by years of demand for a car. Demand will collapse now. This strong quarter of sales is the safest sign that Tesla is about to collapse because demand can not be sustained and bills are due.

Tesla recorded the fourth quarter, defying critics and making unprecedented growth in the automotive industry. In a year, the company tripled its production and delivery capacity. It sold 33% more cars in the fourth quarter than in all 2017 combined. The Tesla 3 model becomes the best-selling US car from an American car company and the best-selling state-of-the-art car in the year 2018. Behind the strong figures in the fourth quarter, Tesla sold out 1 out of 5 cars luxury in the country in 2018, and model 3 represented 1 in 3 small and medium-sized luxury cars per year.

Now it's very clear: the Tesla's demand drops. All of the above are history and we now know Of course that Model 3 demand is drying up and Tesla will soon exit cash as a result. The stock will drop by 70% in value in 2019. Forget about our previous predictions and criticism. You forget that I have been constantly mistaken for years and I have argued that the sky has fallen over 1000 times and has not fallen yet. We're right this time. Really. You'll see.

Is there any doubt why people do not take seriously the Tesla vendors and the critics?

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Zach has long-term investments in TSLA, FSLR, SPWR, SEDG and ABB – after years of solar and EV energy coverage, he simply has a great faith in these companies and feels they are good companies to invest. he does not provide professional investment advice and would rather not be responsible for losing money, so do not make any conclusions.

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