Saturday , June 10 2023

The driver hits the passenger on the Vancouver bus after he seems to have hit him


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – "Get your way out of the bus": that's what a bus driver told a passenger on the eastern route 100 this afternoon.

A video sent to NEWS 1130 shows that the bus driver cries to a passenger after probably grabbing him around the Knight Street Bridge.

"Get out of the bus right now or call the police. Do not contact someone when driving a bus full of people," he says.

Steven, who took the video, says other passengers told her they saw the woman hit her or hit the driver somehow. He says the woman approached the driver, shouting, after he did not pull the buzzer and missed the stop.

"She went behind the bus in front of the bus, tried to bring the driver's attention, apparently hit or attacked the bus driver somehow," he says.

And after the incident, there was "a lot of tension," he says. "Obviously, this is not what most people see every day. A few people then went to the bus driver to make sure it was okay.

Transylink's Jill Drews said in an email that they do not have hand information but that they are looking for tomorrow.

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