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The last: Parade fans get together with bitter frost. | World News


NEW YORK – Macy's Thanksgiving Thanksgiving (all localities):

5:30 pm

Macy's apologize for "technical difficulties" after fans watching Parada's Thanksgiving hit Rita Hour singer for what they saw as an uncomfortable feeling.

The British singer left the synchronicity with the voices that the audience heard during parts of his televised performance "Love Me". The episode triggered a crossroads of online reviews.

Macy apologized Thursday later, saying that "some recording artists have encountered technical difficulties that have affected their performance."

Time tweeted thanks to Macy for "honesty."

At another time that attracted attention, a Broadway show "The Prom" included a kiss between two casting members. Manufacturers have told Entertainment Weekly that it was the first LGBTQ kiss of the parade.

Macy's representatives and NBCUniversal broadcaster did not immediately answer the questions.


3:45 p.m.

Balloons flew lower than usual, performers embarked, and spectators played blankets and sleeping bags, but cold cold did not cool Macy's Thanksgiving enthusiasm.

The giant balloons of Charlie Brown, Sponge Bob and other beloved characters were released before the parade began in the midst of lower temperatures in his history. The event dates back to 1924.

Temperatures were about 21 degrees (-6 degrees Celsius) and were dotted with bitter winds.

They were worried that the winds would force the officials to lay the big helium balloons, but eventually they were allowed to fly. Some, however, were only a few meters above them.

Thousands of spectators have put on layers and blankets to watch balloons, marching troops and floats with artists such as Diana Ross, John Legend and Martina McBride.


11:50 am

Balloons and troops are faced with the cold cold to make their way through Manhattan for Macy's Thanksgiving.

The huge balloons of Charlie Brown, Sponge Bob and others were eliminated for take-off just before the parade began with some of the coolest temperatures in the history of the event.

The 21 degrees (-6 degrees Celsius) at the beginning made it one of the city's most glorious Thanksgiving days in the past decades.

Some of the balloons flashed just a few yards above those who kept their connections. The large hand of the "Wimpy's Wirepiece" balloon seemed to hit some of those who wielded their wool-covered heads.

The people who left it refused to let the cold temperatures drop a damper when watching the parade, breaking the blankets and sleeping bags.


8:40 am

People at their disposal are struggling with cold blankets and sleeping bags to make sure they see Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Day in New York City.

They are aligned Thursday along the parade route despite cold temperatures.

Analysts say it could be the coldest day in the history of the parade.

The New York Police Department states that wind conditions are good enough to allow giant balloons such as SpongeBob and Charlie Brown to fly safely.

Diana Ross, John Legend and Martina McBride are among the artists.

Tony Stout left with his extended family at 2 o'clock in the morning to make sure they had a good view of his son, who attended the parade with the Martian formation of Ohio State University.

He says he is "frozen and numb but excited."


1:18 am

Diana Ross might sing "Stop in the name of the gloves" until he finished her in the super cool New York City Thanksgiving Parade.

Analysts say it could be the coldest day in the history of the parade.

John Legend, Martina McBride and Muppets from "Street Sesame" are also pleased to do in cold refrigerators.

Officials will monitor the wind to see if huge balloons such as SpongeBob and Charlie Brown can fly safely.

The cops say they are ready to order the balloons full of helium at a lower altitude, or to ground them entirely if they are too windy.

There have been irregularities and injuries in the past when the gusts have unleashed them.

Other artists include Bad Bunny, Kane Brown, Pentatonix, Sugarland and Barenaked Ladies.

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