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The man ends up with a skin infection after being injected with semen to heal back pain


Irish Medical Journal has recently published a case study of a 33-year-old man who injected his own semen once a month to treat back pain.

According to doctors who reported the case, the man complained of a severe and sudden onset of back pain after lifting a heavy steel object. The man who suffered from normal back pain is life, decided to take things in his own hands, bought a hypodermic needle online and began to inject his own semen.

Blushing and rapid swelling

The case study reveals that man "has developed this remedy without independent medical counseling." It is injected with a non-declared semen once a month for at least 18 months.

It was only after he had visited the doctor after the back pain did not go away (of course, the injections did not do much), when they saw redness and rapid swelling on his forearm, the area where he was injected. It appears that the semen has started to penetrate and coagulate beneath the skin, creating a bacterial infection of the skin called cellulite.

In the next 24 hours, swelling and redness have progressed across the forearm. The man was hospitalized and received a course of intravenous antibiotics to treat cellulite.

There are no other case studies

After further investigating case studies and other reports on this story, the exact reason behind this bizarre DIY treatment could not be determined.

Conformable IMJ authors, to date there have been no other case studies in the medical literature on seminal material injected intravenously.

Although there is a report on the effects of semen injection in rats and rabbits, there have been no cases of intravenous semen injections in humans found in the literature, authors reported.

Suicidal methods by injecting substances such as mercury and gasoline are well reported throughout medical history, but trying to use the semen to heal back pain is the first.

Dangers of injecting

This case study was published with a mission in mind – to be educational and to warn others against attempting similar methods at home.

Any injection should be administered by a trained professional, as the use of a wrong needle tip can damage the veins and skin tissue and may cause bruising and scarring. Injecting foreign substances into the skin presents its own risks, as we have seen from the case study.

There is also a very low risk of creating an embolism in the air (an empty air pocket) in the vein that causes the blockage of blood vessels and can eventually cause a serious medical emergency and even death (this is really worst case scenario, because a small amount of air will not have this effect).

With regard to self-treatment of medical conditions, it is always wise to consult a medical professional before trying a home remedy.

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