Friday , January 27 2023

The new Trailer of hymns breaks personalization Javelin and progression


BioWare has launched a new trailer for his coach, RPG coach third player. The video is the first part of a series dedicated to explaining the game mechanics and the characteristics of the anthem.

In this first part, BioWare discusses the future story of the game, progression and personalization. Most of the video is dedicated to the last two topics and discusses the different playstyles, uploads and abilities of Anthem's four Javelin: Ranger, Interceptor, Colossus and Storm.

You will start with the Ranger in the Hymn, but you will have the chance to build the four Javeline – and several versions of them – until you finish the story of the game. Ranger is built for precision play, relying on a variety of abilities and weapons to target specific enemies. The interceptor is fast and has the most powerful attacks on the body, allowing him to launch in battle and deal with massive damage before getting out of harm. Colossus is best suited for front lines and can withstand devastating attacks with heavy armor and massive shield. Ultimately, Storm's incremental attacks make him one of the most powerful Javelines, but lack of armor ensures that it remains a glass cannon.

Each Javelin can be customized to perform multiple roles. The Ranger, for example, can be equipped to survive alone with a balanced assortment of weapons for solo playing. However, if you play with a team, you can customize the outfit with the technology that makes your team's squad destroying or you can choose the support skills that guarantee everyone stays alive.

BioWare put an end to the trailer, promising that the next part of the series will provide details of the "expansive world of the anthem and its massive final game, including a look at [the game’s] reinforcements. "

The hymn is scheduled to appear on February 22 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If you pre-order the game, you can play a VIP demo exclusively on January 25th.

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