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The OnePlus 6T is even more a business with this phenomenal economy


OnePlus 6T is already an incredible phone, however with this black Friday 2018 deal you can put the wonderful phone and a lot of data too. offers a OnePlus 6T on Vodafone 128GB per month and no toll in advance. That means you are getting a OnePlus 6T free with 100GB of data. I can not say more correctly than that, is it?

During the two-year contract of this transaction you will pay £ 864, a good deal for a fantastic phone. Buying your phone alone will cost £ 499.

OnePlus 6T packs a serious amount of cutting-edge technology inside its thin body. There is a Snapdragon 845 chipset, 8GB of RAM and plenty of storage space. Most phones will come with 64 GB while you get 128 GB here.

Other impressive features include a wonderful OLED screen with a small slice that hides the self-adhesive camera, fingerprint scanner and robust face unlocking system.

You will find two cameras on the back and they work together to capture great night shots and add a silky blur in the portrait. Battery life is great.

In our review 4.5 / 5 OnePlus 6T we said: "When it comes to top-of-the-line phones, OnePlus has set a strategy for two years a year. Like Apple's" S "phones, OnePlus" T "phones aim to offer refined experience for their immediate predecessors.

OnePlus 6T seems to already improve an excellent OnePlus 6 with a larger display, a smaller slit, a bigger battery and a new fingerprint technology. "

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