Tuesday , January 31 2023

The story of the quit candidate makes another strange move, this time in a parking lot


The former liberal candidate, Karen Wang, has surpassed a bizarre day with a bizarre mass media in a parking lot in Burnaby, BC on Thursday.

The 43-year-old child who resigned from the Burnaby South elections on Wednesday only to try to revive her Thursday, announced a press conference at the Metrotown Library just to reach and say in a way uncertain by the chief librarian that you do not hold the political event on the public library.

It was a confusion.

There were tears.

And finally Wang was surrounded by reporters and cameras in a parking lot, trying to explain why she was not racist and why she could still run in the February 25th elections as an independent.

"It makes me very sick and I feel like I've been abused," Wang said emotionally. "It's not me, I'm not racist."

On Wednesday, Wang was forced to resign in a storm of controversy on the Chinese language WeChat, in which she wrote that, as a single Chinese candidate, she could beat rival Jagmeet Singh, whom she noted -a "Indian descent".

But sometimes, during the night, she tried to give her the opposite resignation, asking the Liberals to give her a second chance.

In a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and others in the Liberal Party, Wang wrote that he wishes to withdraw his resignation, claiming that his WeChat post is "a statement of fact" that was not considered a racial commentary .

But in a statement, the Liberal Party of Canada said the decision was final.

"As we mentioned yesterday, Karen Wang's recent online remarks are not aligned with the values ​​of the Liberal Party of Canada. The Liberal Party has accepted its resignation as a candidate and will not represent the Liberal Party in the Burnaby South elections."

During his parking, Wang claimed that WeChat was sent by a campaign volunteer and was meant to encourage the Chinese community to vote.

"As a person with Chinese background, try to win the support of people in this cultural context," she said. "I just want Chinese people to get involved."

The Liberal Party's statement says the election in Canada no longer considers Wang as a candidate. The party did not say when and how to choose a replacement.

The deadline to run – or Wang's re-enrollment if elected to run independently – is February 4th.

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