Wednesday , March 29 2023

The University of British Columbia may become the first campus university


The University of British Columbia, Canada, could become the world's first crowd to legalize smoking on the campus and set up a dedicated kiosk for this purpose.

Following the legalization of possession and sale of recreational cannabis in Canada last month, the university committee drew up a policy project titled "Promotion of smoking and smoking products on campus."

The policy project has been implemented for community consultation and the final call may be taken in February.

"We believe that when you criminalize any activity that people engage in in any way, everything you do is lead the underground behavior, but it does not mean that everything and everything can be decriminalized. The campus décor is also maintained," said Hubert Lai, an adviser to the University of British Columbia (UBC), in an e-mail interview.

According to the policy, cannabis smoking will be banned anywhere on the campus, except in the case of smoking. Both cultivation and sale of cannabis will be banned on campus.

"An individual on the campus can not hold cannabis in excess of the amount established by federal law, equivalent to 30g of dry cannabis or 450g of edible cannabis.

"Cannabis can be stored in your private room in your bedroom as long as all storage containers are clearly labeled as containing cannabis or cannabis products and stored so as not to create distress for other residents, Lai said.

Cannabis smoking will not be allowed in classrooms, student homes, UBC vehicles, bus shelters, and other such campus areas.

According to the policy, university employees are required to refrain from using any substance that affects health, including alcohol and cannabis, during or before working hours.

"Although the medical authorization to use cannabis does not include the right to use cannabis at work or to get into work, employees who are prescribed cannabis for medical purposes and looking for or asking for housing should advise on their supervisor, cannabis before or during working hours will not be tolerated and can lead to discipline, "Lai said.

"However, under federal law, persons over the age of 19 can divide or give cannabis to other persons over the age of 19 as long as the amount of cannabis presented does not exceed the amount that such a person is allowed to possess, "Lai added.

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