Friday , January 27 2023

The video seems to display workers who left Canada Post without trying to deliver the package


A video uploaded to YouTube appears to post a Canada Post worker visiting a Georgina, Ont. Home, to leave a delivery note without trying to deliver the parcel.

In the video, a truck posted by Canada could be seen pulling up property Monday afternoon. After about a minute, the postman left the car without a pack. Instead, the worker can be seen running up to the house that has a sliding delivery.

The poster of the video, who just wanted to be identified as Chris, told Global News that his wife was home when he saw the employee walking up to his seat. By the time he got to the door he was already leaving without a shot.

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Chris's wife could be heard in the film the laborer says, "Hello? Do not knock on the door.

The postman, who seemed to be already with his truck, replied: "I did not know if anyone was at home. I'll bring the package.

The delivery man took the parcel out of the truck and went to the house, adding: "There is usually no one at home, that's why." While the woman seemed to sign for the pack, she could be heard saying she was at home helping him because he means he will not have to go back.

Chris said he posted the video later that night, with the initial intention of being Canada Post only. He announced the company, who advised him to investigate. However, he said he has not yet heard.

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Chris said this happened on many occasions, but managed to capture this time just because he recently installed video surveillance cameras.

When contacted by Global News, Canada Post said in a statement what happened did not happen.

"While the customer received the package, it should have been delivered when the employee arrived at the address," the statement said.

"We followed with the employee and did not anticipate other problems."

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