Tuesday , January 31 2023

TJ Dillashaw, Henry Cejudo Fights Fate of the UFC Flight Division


Henry Cejudo and T.J. Dillashaw seems to be fighting each other for very different reasons from Saturday night.

At the UFC Brooklyn press conference Thursday, Cejudo said he was trying to "revive" the UFC flight potential division, in honor of the other 125 people who lost their jobs. Dillashaw made it very clear that he was trying to get off his head as a bantamweight champion and to take Cejudo's title for one person: himself.

"It's personal," Cejudo said. "This guy is a guy trying to start the union, to start joining the UFC [fighters] to pay a sum of money to escape a division. Sicking him to dethrone the ruler. TJ, I'm not just doing this for myself, man. I do this for everyone. I do this for all 125 kilometers.

And he is. You have friends like Joe Benavidez. You got boys like "Shorty" Torres. These are all engines, brother. Where's your respect, man?

Benavidez, a long-standing candidate and former Dillashaw training partner, said on Thursday he asks for his friendship with Dillashaw after Dillashaw's recent comments that he does not care if the flyweight division is eliminated. Cejudo said Benavidez, who struggles with Dustin Ortiz of UFC Brooklyn, has shaken his backstage on Thursday.

"Everyone," said Cejudo about who is rooting for him in this fight. "My worst enemies Even Joe Benavidez applauds me It is at that moment He was his main training partner He shook my hand like," Hey, I was rooting for you, man. "Like damn it, he's a guy I got bad blood with. "

31-year-old Cejudo has announced he has received messages from former flight champion Demetrious Johnson, who he made for his belt and coach Matt Hume, in support of this fight on ESPN debut card + and UFC.

Dillashaw, however, was unequivocally concerned about his feelings about the subject.

"I do not care if it stays or goes," Dillashaw said of the £ 125 division. – I said this. It's about me, myself, my name, feeding my family. What if it stays? Cold. If he does not and I finish it, I'm the champion in both weight classes anyway. "

Cejudo tried to make a deal on the spot Thursday with UFC President Dana White. Cejudo asked White to guarantee that the flight division would remain intact if Cejudo would beat Dillashaw. White departed and replied, "We'll see what's happening on Saturday."

"It's a lot bigger than me," Cejudo said. "This is for boys, that's for all flyweights that are not big enough to make 135 pounds. I'm fighting for these guys, I'm fighting for their family, there's a lot of inspiration to me, when I'm inspired, I know I can to do things There's no better person – Dana, UFC people – to throw Hail Mary away from me, so thank you. "

Dillashaw, 32, said it was good that this fight was in for his title, that Cejudo was the one who wanted the game to be at the wheel. Cejudo said it was because he wanted to defend the flight belt after winning it from Johnson to UFC 227 in August.

"That's your problem," Dillashaw said. "I do this for myself, this is a selfish sport. I'm going there and winning for me.

– It's about me, man. It's my legacy. It's about feeding my family, feeding my son there and doing what's best for me and doing what's best for my inheritance and being the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. I'm following a second belt, watching the place. I'll do anything.

Cejudo feels that what he is trying to accomplish is for a greater cause.

"It's overwhelming," Cejudo said. I feel the crowd behind me. Something interesting about this, boys, is that I have planes that live with me. Every time I wake up in the morning, I begin to think about them. Just like damn, these guys helped me become the best in the world and I want to turn their favor back to them.

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