Thursday , April 15 2021

[VIDEO] Kevin Hart hosts Oscars? – Watch Ellen DeGeneres's interview

Ellen DeGeneres goes out of his way to make sure Kevin Hart hosts the Academy Awards 2019. As he promised online, Hart made a dramatic appearance on Friday's episode of DeGeneres's show, urging him to reconsider his decision to resign.

In a series of clips launched through EllenTube, the host tells Hart that he has been in contact with the Academy, whose members want it on this scene. "We want him to host," she says on behalf of the Academy. "We feel he may have misunderstood or misinterpreted, or perhaps have said something wrong." The academy says, "What can we do to make this happen?" "(Oscars, currently without a host , will be broadcast on ABC on Sunday, February 24th.)

To be fair, DeGeneres does not completely I overlook what put Hart in this situation first. The interview recognizes that 2008 homophobic tweets have caused people the question of whether they should be hosting. However, she sends those people to the haters category, telling Hart: "It's a small group of people who are very strong. We are a huge group of people who love you and want to see you as a host Oscars.

When asked about those who asked him to give up, Hart becomes defensive, accusing the "winches" of attacking him directly by resurfacing his old tweets. "This is an attack on my character," he explains. "This is an attack that stops me. It's bigger than just the Oscars." It was not a coincidence that the day after I got the job, tweets have been out since 2008. "

"I do not have a homophobic bone in my body," explains Hart, explaining that he has already apologized for anti-LGBT material several times, quoting special interviews during the junket for Will Ferrell's 2015 comedy Enhance. "I still have to go back to the immature version of the comic I was once … It was a guy just looking laughing, and that was wrong."

He adds: "Once again, I am sorry if these words hurt. I'm sorry, or my apologies are accepted or not, you can not grow up as a person if you do not make mistakes.

DeGeneres puts an end to the settlement, reiterating Hart's desire to host the Oscars, to which he says, "I promise you, I assess the conversation, allow me to evaluate, we and I will talk before anything else. my promise.

Hit PLAY on three clips from DeGeneres interview below weigh in our survey: Should Hart Host Oscars?

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