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Warriors vs. Rockets score: The golden state fled as Durant, Draymond court share for the first time since the altercation


Those who believe that the well-published hit between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green will ultimately lead to the disappearance of the Golden State Warriors dynasty received a fuel for fire on Thursday night. The golden state looked at atrophically in a 107-86 loss at Houston Rockets, while Durant and Green drank together for the first time since the incident.

The Warriors played a solid defense in the first half, but failed to put the ball in the bucket (now it would be a good time to mention that Stephen Curry did not play in the match while continuing to breastfeed a wounded whip). the second half of the flood gates were opened for missiles because they built a lead with 30 points.

The main characters had sub-par, Durant ending with 20 points at 6-for-15 shooting and Green being held without a point.

Here are some levels of play in the game.

Barking on the hatchet?

The easy narrative for this game would be to say that all internal conflicts affect the warriors on the ground. While this might happen, it is worth mentioning that Green and Durant did not show any negative effects because of their problems, and Green even found Durant early in the game for a dunk.

The two even had a brief conversation and changed pleasure after inappropriate communication in the third quarter.

On the whole, it did not seem that the warriors were too affected – at least in terms of execution – by what had happened in the last week. They simply could not take pictures. However, is it possible that all psychological exhaustion will cause them to come to a hunger team? You bet.

It's not the same Dray

Whether it was foot injury or just rusting from the suspension, Draymond fought in his first game back. He was kept empty, made only three attempts to shoot and had a number of digits (five) as rebounds and assists. Foot lesions tend to stay behind, so warriors might think of making Green rest in the near future. Of course, this is easier said than done, because whenever he stays there, it will be intimidation, inevitably, only for disciplinary reasons.

Just what they needed rockets

Before the game, they defeated Carmelo Anthony, then they came out and destroyed the champions – a team that still thinks they would have fought in the final of the Summer Conference last season with a healthy Paul Paul. The missile battles so far this season have been documented, but a national signature television win may be exactly what they need to get back on track. Not only were James Harden and Chris Paul efficient, but also got key contributions from players like James Ennis (19 points), Gary Clark (nine points) and Eric Gordon (17 points). The concern with this version of Rockets was that they would not be able to defend or strike 3s, as they did last year, due to the departure of Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah of Moute. They both did well on Thursday.

CP3 is too much

If you think Chris Paul has lost his swig because Rockets has entered the game with a 6-7 record, you are wrong, wrong. After removing Jonas Jerebko in a hardcore attempt, CP3 shone white pearls on the way to the yard.

It was probably a little above the top, but that kind of border style and arrogance can really make a team – Warriors know her better than anyone.

I miss Steph

Before going down with a tangled injury, Steph Curry was at the start of the MVP early in the season. He scored an average of 29.5 points on 51 percent of the championship and 49 percent on 10.5 attempts at 3 points on the game. It's no secret that the Warriors crime does not work almost the same without a curry on the field, and that was obvious Thursday, especially with Klay Thompson (10 points for 5-for-16 shooting) and Durant having under games. Curry expects to lose at least the next five games for the Golden State, so I will have to figure out how to generate points while on the shelf.

The first one is free

Okay, so the warriors had a bad game. It's not the biggest business in the world. But given what is happening emotionally with the team, it's imperative that they come back on Saturday against Dallas. If they lose or even struggle in a near victory, rumors will become stronger than a Durant-Green dynamics that negatively affects the team. It will be an interesting, safe journey.

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