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26% of patients with COPD die 8 years after diagnosis

smoking, exposure to wood smoke, as well as aging populations are risk factors for development Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), considered to be an important public health issue throughout the world.

In Mexico, 7.9% of the population suffers, warns Marco Polo Macias, a pulmonologist with High specialty in bronchoscopy.

"Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are terms that are also used to refer to COPD"He added.

Difficulty breathing, chronic coughing and phlegm production are the main symptoms of this disease, which is gradually getting worse.

"But especially the lack of air, which is initially associated with the effort, but in time it grows and appears even without physical activity," said also the respiratory specialist from GSK Mexico.

World COPD Day is commemorated on November 21st.

According to a survival survey in Mexico, 8 years after diagnosis, 26% of patients die, so COPD is now considered an important public health issue.

It requires efforts to prevent, but also reduce, risk factors such as exposure to tobacco smoke and firewood, Macias said.

This disease affects approximately 251 million people in the world, so we need to pay attention to the risk factors of diagnosing and treating it in a timely manner.

COPD causes physical disabilities because some patients depend on oxygen for at least 18 hours a day, which limits their daily activities.

In addition, they suffer from frequent exacerbations; that is, more intense episodes of symptoms that can last from days to weeks.

They even need hospitalization, which may involve an annual medical cost of up to 100,000 pesos.

This year, Macias said, thanks to GSK's research and development investment, it was possible to launch a new therapeutic option.

"It is a triple therapy consisting of long-acting inhaled and long-acting bronchodilators that showed a reduction of up to 25% at the risk of moderate to severe exacerbations and 34% in severe exacerbations leading to hospitalization," he pointed out

European scientists create a vest to control the lungs of patients with COPD

A group of researchers from eight European Union countries have developed a vest to "monitor" the lungs of COPD patients in real time.

According to the Portuguese University of Coimbra (UC), which is taking part in the initiative with eight Portuguese researchers, one of the benefits of this news fund, funded by the European Union, with 10 million euros, is that the lungs images will be obtained in a non-invasive way through different electrical currents.

The ultimate goal of the research, which has been developed over the past four years and involves specialists from Greece, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland and the Netherlands, is to detect early complications that can be experienced by patients with COPD a disease that in 2030 will be the fourth cause of death in the world.

With this waistcoat called "Welcome", the paradigm of treatment of this disease will change, once institutionalized, because it is a commitment to prediction, prevention, personalization and participation in medications, according to the UC.

COPD is a respiratory disease fundamentally linked to smoking habits. This has traditionally been associated with man. However, the vulnerability of women to tobacco smoke and their late incorporation into this practice causes an increase in the number of cases of this disease in women in recent years.

For the first time in the history of the United States, COPD deaths in women exceeded those of men, figures that have tripled over the last twenty years.

This trend is also observed in other developed countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom or Finland.

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