Tuesday , March 21 2023

A former victim of aggression has spent a fortune on multiple surgeries and is now a star from Instagram


Celine Centino after the transformation

A 24-year-old woman who was the victim
harassment in his adolescence is unrecognizable after nearly $ 2 million has been spent
plastic surgery.

Celine Centino, from Zurich, Switzerland, has undergone important cosmetic procedures, including three breast augmentations.

Star Instagram says he was teased for his adolescence. The jokes were so heavy that they often claimed she was sick, so she would not have to confront her "thugs."

Instagram before aesthetic procedures
Instagram before aesthetic procedures

Her insecurity has led her to save all she earned as a hairdresser to pay for plastic surgery, which, she says, helped her feel happy in her skin.

Since September 2013, Celine has undergone three breast augmentations along with a rhinoplasty and placement of stuffing on cheekbones, lips and chin, costing £ 38,000 equivalent to a million pesos.

After moving from 34A to 34FF, Celine says she now feels more confident and happier than ever.

With over 43,000 followers at Instagram, she receives thousands of positive comments from strangers about her strange appearance.

"I've always been a happy person, but I did not feel good in my skin, so many people judged me because I was nasty to have become a sad person," Celine told the newspaper.
Daily Mail.

"I wanted to be happy again, so I changed my mind and everything that I did not like about myself, we live in a time when we can change something if we want, so I took advantage of this opportunity."

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