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a stadium for U "

Carlos Heller's face (56) reflects fatigue. The last two hours can be summed up in a coffee with Frank Kudelka, presenting the first five reinforcements of the Universidad de Chile and an express meeting on Centro Deportivo Azul's second floor: "It's crazy about all this. The market is very complicated, he says before starting the interview with La Tercera. The challenge is to review a very tough 2018 for the club and design a 2019 with the new coach.

2018 was the worst year in U?
It was a tricky year, but we knew how to take it. We started well, but then came the disaster: the defeat I suffered in La Calera (6-1) and then what happened to Cruzeiro (7-0), it results "saca-técnicos", which makes you you have a hard time and reflect.

How much responsibility do you have for the disaster?
Life grows and it's always good to have someone upstairs to consult, be able to be airy. When someone is responsible, it is very difficult, because you have no one to ask for advice. Here are a number of situations that lead you to bad things that happen. But one is totally responsible.

He is criticized for being badly surrounded. Pinilla said this and also Herrera. What does that answer?
It depends on who says it. One is always surrounded by people you think is the best. To say that it is good or bad or that it is not the best, I think it is very difficult. Whenever there is a negative thing, they will tell you that it is the worst, but at one point the same critics have appealed to these people.

Is it a requirement to be close to you to work in U?
No, in any case. The theme of Ronald Fuentes, for example, or the topic of sports management is something new in Chile, here it did not work well. Ronald is a guy who knows dressing and that's why I played for him. The results were not given. They say I do what I want here, and that's not true. I give my face and receive criticism and even threats. If we win a championship, no one will applaud me, they will criticize me less.

Does it hurt me more like Pinilla or nearly 500 million dollars that should be paid?
I played it to bring Pinilla to U. I had a very good relationship, a very close relationship. But I do not know what happened to him, I left the country. They told me that the player had brought an offer from Colón, who at one point regretted something I did not know. Maybe he should have talked to him, but the court was not given. I can not go into more detail because we appeal to a judgment.

Did it affect you?
Yes of course. The sport law course that she asked me to do, I found something beautiful. It hurts me because I've always played for him.

Was it the fault of the Pinilla conflict by Ronald Fuentes?
It's always someone's fault. Jara was blamed for everything on the pitch and Ronald outside. Ronald may be guilty, but I do not know. I do not want to blame anyone.

Fuentes goes out for the Pinilla case?
No, it was because of wear. The theme of Pinilla, the theme of Hoyos, the failure to win a championship this year, the departure of Miguel Ponce. It was a lot of wear and tear, the relationships end in the end. The attack he received at the stadium, something he rejected, generates a wear that finally makes him leave the club. Something similar to what happened to Pablo Silva (Chief Executive Officer).

Beccacece has demanded the removal of Sabino Aguad from the sports management and is now back in office. Time has shown that you should never leave?
There was also a Sabino wear theme. It was impossible with Sabin to be together. This problem comes from far behind, it is a wear to the Sampaoli era. Today Sabino returns as a football man who knows how to negotiate, who knows how to manage. This year we worked very well. We talk 30 times a day on the phone, talking 30 more with Kudelka. I brought eight players and I saved Soteldo.

What does Hoyos say?
We went to Hoyos to look for Argentina. I spoke with many technicians, like Holan, a very successful guy. Hoyos gave me the quiet to maneuver the locker room. Unfortunately, the results have resulted in a traumatic result. Brazil had to forget, never in life, I'd like to go through this. He lost that way and then I had to spend what I went through talking to him and the team was terrible.

Why do I renew Hoyos without an exit clause?
We trust in person.

Did he really think he would not collect all the compensation?
Difficult to answer, but from now on I will never play with crystal balls. I think the contract should have been shorter. I can answer.

Ronald Fuentes pointed out that Hoyos was wrong to go out as a champion.
Sometimes when you are a champion, cover many things that have not done well. This year, we had a thought if we were champions. You ask me if I was happy and my answer was the following: "Yes, I'm happy to pick up the glass, but I'm ashamed to be a champion because I did not have a good year."

Are the targets against La Calera and Cruzeiro the most serious humiliation?
Totally, yes, humiliating. I walked practically out of dressing. I was ashamed, humiliated. I asked for forgiveness and I was not in the yard. I felt atrocious, the worst.

Your big problem is very fanatical?
Yeah, I'm a fan of U. I'm very passionate. The management of this club will have to be more head-to-heart.

Do you suffer more when U loses or when fans insult it?
When u looses, of course. It's very hard when you insult, criticizes you. You have to be very tolerant in this position. Criticism suffers because you try to do everything you can, try to put time and passion. This error is 24/7. People do not know how many problems this institution has to manage. They tell you to put money, but imagine that they are almost 800 million dollars that I had in my staff in 2018. It hurts to lose U, but that triggers the rest. People think when you sell to Araos or Mora, take advantage or you are stupid. And it is crazy to sell them, they come with a clause that clubs have half of their paths.

If he loses so much money, how long will it stay in U?
If it were rational, I should not lose another weight. People criticize, but I do not understand the passion I have. I'm going to a meeting and I do not think I'm losing money, you're waiting for the club all day. If the team loses, it's your fault and they'll catch you. I make you all over and lose money. That's why she asks me "why are you there?", I answer it because I like U. It's completely irrational.

Why is it then?
I have a commitment and I will do it: a stadium for U. It is not easy. People say one is pure smoke. I wanted to do the U stadium, I still want to do it. If it would depend on me, I would have one for 50 thousand people, but it depends on external things, as no one wants to receive a stadium for U. One day I will make it there, maybe I go with the stadium built . And maybe with Copa Libertadores. And surely the president that will come will attack him equally. Today, ask the young people who have been the President who won the Copa Sudamericana and many do not know. They will surely tell you he's a trader, a bastard. I made a commitment to the people and I fulfilled it: we put together the blue dream that helps many people with disabilities. It goes to hospitals, populations are visited. She takes care of the players to cheer on the kids. It is a very strong social problem. I do not know until I continue to lose money in U. I'm exhausted and make many challenges from my family for what's going through.

The minimum floor for Kudelka?
In Copa Libertadores you have to advance as much as possible to get to the group stage. We have to fight the championship. The main thing is to leave the foundations of a U style of play. Kudelka was asked.

Is the collapse of the negative series with Colo Colo another obligation?
It is an obligation for all of us. It's a subject that we have to break in a minute. We have to do it.

Will Kudelka renew now or mid-year?
The contract is until June. It is a subject that does not concern him or us. It was a year and a half with an exit clause or a year without. I said a year and then saw a year of renewal. There is nothing hidden.

Johnny is an idol in U. If not, with everything he said about the club and his private management, would he have already taken him out of the club?
I respect freedom of opinion. He hit the people who work here, hit the lower divisions, hit the colleagues. I do not get people out, people come and go on their own. Johnny is a reference, I was the architect of his return, I called him when he was in Audax. Johnny has a contract with us and we will continue to respect him.

Is your renewal a priority?
Let's not go any further Many things can happen.

Is it untouchable?
No, there is nobody undetermined in U, just the institution.

Why does U not draw figures from her minor series?
It is difficult for U and clubs of this size to do so. I played it to bring a group of trainers from Spain. Unfortunately, they were fished from Qatar and taken. After playing for Miguel Ponce and wanting to redirect, in a situation that I do not understand why. We can not continue to bring players every year, we have to bring out children who identify with U, who regard the institution as maximum.

Trust this campus?
I like We rejuvenated the campus. Jimmy Martínez is a projector who has already been mentioned in the national team. Carrasco has added many Captain matches to Coquimbo with a lot of personality. Matías Campos is enrolled, Barrios is a strong player. We have been looking at Parra for a long time, it might be the next Araos. I am happy with the team, the return of Soteldo, the renewal of Caroca. Soteldo must break this year, talk to him. It has extraordinary qualities, but it also has bad things. You have to understand that this is your life, it is your future.

As I said a while ago, maybe this year's news with the stadium?
I hope We will continue to work quietly, because every time I speak, the world comes to me and starts to run. The stars I see are much more aligned than other times. I do not want to deceive people, but I hope to have good news soon.

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