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Actor Benjamin Vicuña was attacked in Palermo


November 21, 2018 – 00:45
He was stripped of a mobile backpack, documents and photos of the youngest daughter.

Chilean actor Benjamin Vicuña was assaulted yesterday afternoon in the neighborhood of Palermo and asked for help in social networks to try to recover the personal effects that had been stolen. The robberies took place in the corner of Cabrera and Gurruchaga, and among the stolen items were the mobile phone, personal documents and even his daughter's photos.

Insecurity strikes everyone equally. And the Palermo district, very popular with the number of television channels, news and audiovisual production companies, is one of the areas where motorcycles are most active. This time, Benjamín Vicuña, who was assaulted at Palermo Soho, returned to his Twitter account to make a special request.

"I took my backpack with my phone in Cabrera and Gurruchaga, all my personal documents and things, including my daughter's photos, please if anyone finds them, communicate that way," the Chilean actor wrote. your official profile

It only took a few minutes, so his message received hundreds of retweets. In addition, his fans responded, some with support messages, others indignant about the bad weather that happened to the Chilean. But nowadays, nobody has found things, Clarin told his website. She also points out that Vicuña has been more active in social networks, sharing photos with Magnolia, her nine-month-old daughter with China Suárez. Though this time, he used Twitter to communicate the bad news he had stolen that he suffered yesterday.

According to the newspaper, the Trasandino actor lives a very active gift: he comes to participate at the end of "100 days to fall in love"; It was part of the fourth season of the Spanish series "Vis a Vis" – it opens in December – and in January will start recording "Argentina: Land of Love and Hope", the new Pol-Ka band, over the 30s.

It should be remembered that, just like Vicuña, last year, the famous Jorge Rial suffered an outbreak in the hands of the motorcycles who attacked him in the Palermo area of ​​Hollywood.

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