Monday , September 26 2022

Alexis, the great loser: indignant "Mou" made six changes after a pale shot against the Palace | football


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Paul Ellis | Agence France-Presse

Manchester United by Alexis Sánchez receives the young boys this afternoon for the Champions League group stage.

An important duel for the "Red Dragons", which will be a step away from the final round of victory.

However, in the previous one, there were bad news about the Chilean striker: it was completely deleted from your computer for this process, being the great wounded.

That's right Tocopillano was not even mentioned on the bench (where it was on weekends) in an alignment in which coach Jose Mourinho he made six changes due to the pale tie with Crystal Palace.

In the past, the sentenced coach has bothered this "If you feel pressure, stay at home and watch the game on TV."

A message for Alexis? According to the Manchester Evening Portal, this is precisely the reason for the absence of "the wonderful child" its performance is opaque from his arrival at Old Trafford. The pressure was not Sanchez's friend who did not enjoy the "red".

In any case, it has to be said that the Chilean was not the only one injured, since the Belgian Lukaku and the French Pogba, World Champion, were relegated to the bank.

Manchester United has no peace. Mourinho is upset. If things did not win, things would get even more complicated.

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