Saturday , June 10 2023

An Angry Sergio Ramos rejects doping, charges extortion and bribery


Real Madrid defender, Sergio Ramos, who denied having violated anti-doping rules, as the German magazine Der Spiegel points out in a new article in his research entitled Soccer escapes

The weekly said Ramos did not pass the anti-doping test after the Champions League final against Juventus in 2017 and the Madrid captain did not follow suit when he was asked to do a doping test after a stadium match. Spanish League in April this year.

Speaking after the 3-0 loss, Madrid, Eibar, La Liga on Saturday, Ramos dismissed the charges and said he instructed his legal team to respond.

"I am calm, it hurts and I will take with my legal team the right measures in front of these people who are trying to spoil my image and my professional career. After fifteen years, I never refused an anti-doping control, just the opposite. We have not violated any standards and passed over 300 controls"he assured in the mixed area of ​​Ipurua.

In addition, the defender denounced an attempt to extortion, saying that "They warned us a month and a half ago that they had those news and tried to bribe us with money and other things. For our part and for the club we are very quiet, I told them they could release the news every time they want. When someone has the truth, he can act with total normality, and the lie, no matter how much he says, does not stop being a lie".

What he used, Ramos assured that "It's an anti-inflammatory"which he used when he was injured by the shoulder at the end of that season, saying that"When it was used, the information was sent to UEFA doctors and was closed. Malaga was explained very well, I always turned to controls, there is nothing against, I did not refuse and when she told me I could shower I did".

Finally, he fired:I'm very calm, I'm positive only during working hours. I have been on the crest of the wave for a long time and I liked it, the one who shoots it in the water. I will continue to give my best, being the most professional I have ever done so is the way I have been taught to try to be at the height of the shield I wear in my chest".

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