Tuesday , January 31 2023

Another spoiler of Truthfulness was fulfilled: Roxana is the daughter of Samuel and Javier's sister | TV and Show


Hidden Truths continues to make unexpected upsets in its history and today was a high-flying chapter, as shown Roxana (Rocío Toscano) is actually the daughter of Raquel (Carmen Gloria Bresky) and Samuel (Cristian Carvajal). This was supported by some telenovela adherents in social networks.

In this Thursday's episode, eventually, the twin sister of Gladys confessed to her lover for years that they both had a daughter nearly two decades ago.

Raquel added that she had to take her daughter to her sister because she wanted to continue promoting in the company of Samuel's father, who was about to get married soon Angelica (María José Necochea).

In addition, Roxy is actually the sister of the greatest enemy, Javiera (María Jesús Miranda), who currently has a relationship with Gonzalo (Renato Jofré), a young man who is Toscano's "forbidden boyfriend" .

Another relevant fact that showed the chapter of this day was that the bastard Leonardo (Carlos Diaz) eventually woke up from the coma where he was in the clinic after having had an accident in which he ran into the car and fell into -a bad.

This suggests that another progress in this social networking production could be achieved as many followers suggested that it would be Tomás (Matías Oviedo) or Ricardo (Julio Jung) who would shoot him and kill him.

However, Diaz's character meets in the clinic with his accomplice, Eliana Zapata (Francisca Gavilán), whom he tells It has a "hidden truth" to discover.

It should be noted that this disclosure was widely commented on social networks this afternoon. Many of the memes created by the viewers alluded to Samuel's character.

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