Tuesday , June 28 2022

"Ante Temuco is the last game and is the real end"


Catholic University coach Beñat San José thanked their players for a 1-0 victory over O Higgins in San Carlos de Apoquindo on Sunday, triumphing the crusaders at the gates of star counting 13.

The edge tower was designated and was favored by Chile's goalless draw at the national stadium against the Iquique Sports team, resulting in the blue race for the title.

Who has something to say in the final date is Concepción University, who won 2-0 at San Luis in the Biobío region and could reach a definition of a UC match if on the last day he defeated Colo Colo in Monumental and those in Beñat San José is in front of Deportes Temuco in the south.

In view of this scenario, San Jose said that "before Temuco is the final game and is the real end (…) Now we have to be humiliated and have the ambition we need for the shield we represent."

On the move with the rancagüinos, the Spanish strategist said that "I think we were just the winners of the match. It was vital, it was essential to achieve these three points to stay first." Players make an extraordinary campaign.

"The heat has reduced both teams, and we have to recognize O'Higgins' performance, and we have achieved a key and transcendent victory for the title goal," he added.

Consulted by statements by Marco Antonio Figueroa, who criticized the UT-free week at UC, San Jose said that "I do not know what he said, I always greet his colleagues professionally, I will not go into what he says ".

To finish, the San Sebastian native referred to Cristián Álvarez's "eternal" head-off at the end of the championship. "Cristián decided that his career should end at the end of the season, so he could be fired in San Carlos with Jineta," he said.

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